Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

Since relighting my love for reading the tarot back in the springtime, I’ve collected countless decks, a few of which I’ve made storage bags and pouches for. Here are a few of the bags which I’ve thrown together over the past six months or so…

Handmade At Home

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

Though I’m not too bad on a sewing machine, my work is far from perfect, thus it’s rather nice to have a couple of professionally made bags to add to my ever-growing collection.

Professionally Perfect

I was very kindly sent two professionally made tarot bags by a good friend (from OrsettiCraft tarot pouches) during a rather dark time – I must say her work rather put my own to shame and despite turning the bags inside out and inspecting them thoroughly, I’m yet to figure out how she made such seamless bags (they are quite literally seamless!).

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

This week Schiffer sent me a further two bags to accompany two tarot decks, one of which (The Shadowland Tarot) I reviewed a few months back and the other I’ll be reviewing shortly.

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

The Shadowlands Tarot & The Star Tarot Pouch

The Shadowland Tarot pouch and The Star Tarot pouch are both beautifully printed, padded tarot pouches featuring a drawstring close. These bags are now sat in pride of place on my reading table and they certainly add a sense of completion to my collection.

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

If like me, you are a fan of either The Star Tarot or The Shadowland Tarot – these bags are the perfect accompaniment to your collection.

Purchasing & Pricing Information

Both drawstring bags are available to purchase directly from  Schiffer Publishing for $14.99 each. However, if you are in the UK, it is probably easier (due to shipping) to purchase The Shadowland drawstring bag or The Star Tarot drawstring bag from Gazelle Book Services for £14.99. You can also pick up these beautiful bags from the likes of Book Depository who are currently (as of October 2020) selling the Shadowland Tarot and The Star Tarot drawstring pouches/ bags for only £14.75 though prices do fluctuate, especially due to the current pandemic.

To Summarise

Given that The Shadowland Tarot and The Star Tarot are both packaged in rather large but very beautiful boxes, each of these decks requires a pouch/ bag for simple storage when out and about. These beautifully printed, padded, high-quality drawstring bags look great, feel great, and are the ultimate accessory for which to carry and complete your tarot collection.

For further information upon Schiffer drawstring tarot bags visit

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Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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