Mixing Role Play With Water Play For Fantastic Fun With The Baby Born Rain Fun Shower

Now that our daughter E is four-years old I thought that I’d be well and truly done with the ‘baby days’. However, it seems our daughter E has become rather taken with babies of late, thankfully of the plastic variety either way our house has once again got a pram, a potty, nappies, a changing bag, bottles and all kinds of baby related paraphernalia all of which belong to E’s beloved dolls but seem to be taking up almost as much space as having a real life baby!


The Baby Born Rain Fun Shower

Earlier this week we were sent the ‘Baby Born Rain Fun Shower‘ to rate and review along with the ‘Baby Born Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll’. Our daughter E was rather pleased to play with her new baby doll yet rather perplexed by the concept of showering a baby which seems fair given that E has been accustomed to bathing throughout her childhood. I don’t think we ever really showered our children as babies to be fair, the bath seemed far easier and kinder but who am I to judge?

Mixing Role Play With Water Play For Fantastic Fun With The Baby Born Rain Fun Shower

Suitable for use with children aged three years and above, the Baby Born Rain Fun Shower is a real working shower which can be used with any doll from the Baby Born range. This shower has an opening and closing door, a height adjustable shower head and a water flow regulator making this toy rather realistic. Included within the ‘Baby Born Rain Fun Shower’ set is a harness and towel which can be used to dry dolls following being showered. 

My daughter E loves messy play especially when water is involved, she was therefore rather excited at the idea of showering her beloved baby doll with an actual shower which included real water.


Shower Time

After assembling the shower by following the instructions provided we fitted the shower with four AA batteries required and then began filling the tray with warm water. Having stripped our baby of her rather fancy fairy clothing we then placed her into the shower clicking her into place using the holder provided. We then altered the height of the shower stand and closed the door, E required assistance to do this as she found shutting the door correctly a little tricky.

E then turned the teddy bear button featured at the base of the shower to switch the shower on and to alter the water regulation. I personally was rather impressed by the power of the shower and the fact that this could be altered just like a real life shower.

Mixing Role Play With Water Play For Fantastic Fun With The Baby Born Rain Fun Shower

Whilst playing with this shower was great fun and it all seemed to work perfectly well I felt that the shower itself felt a little flimsy in places, not only that but I would advise that this toy is best played with somewhere waterproof or wipeable (such as on a tabletop with a wipeable tablecloth) as we found that a fair amount of water leaked and was spilt whilst showering the baby doll.

Having finished showering her doll E then turned the shower off, opened the door (once again requiring assistance) and removed her doll for drying. As I had hoped and assumed she would, E rather enjoyed playing with the Baby Born Rain Fun Shower. Apparently mixing role play and water play is incredibly popular with little ones as E has since asked to shower her doll on a daily basis.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

Marked at the recommended retail price of £42.99 the Baby Born Rain Fun Shower is available to purchase from a wide range of high street and online retailers including Argos, Toys R Us, Amazon and Smyths where it currently on offer for only £29.99


Our Final Thoughts

Our daughter has collected a number of baby including prams, potties and such-like for her dolls over the years but the ‘Baby Born Rain Fun Shower’ seems to be her favourite accessory so far.

Having a baby doll is one thing but having all the accessories for which to care with said doll offers a whole new level of role play to children as they can act out real life scenarios, learning and having fun throughout play.

I would therefore thoroughly recommend the ‘Baby Born Rain Fun Shower’ as an ideal accessory to add alongside a baby doll. Should your little ones not fancy showering their dolls you may wish to look into a bath (which is also available within the Baby Born range along with a wide variety of accessories all of which can be found on the Baby Born website.).

For further information upon Baby Born Dolls and accessories visit www.baby-born.com/en

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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