Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

E is currently going through the ‘My Little Pony’ phase, she loves anything horse or unicorn related especially if it happens to be pink or glittery. Oh how she loves anything that glitters… god help us when she’s older and it’s jewellery that takes her fancy!


The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

We were recently sent the ‘Baby Born Interactive Unicorn‘ from Zapf Creation to have a play with, try out and to share on this here blog.

Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

Upon arrival, I was quite surprised by the sheer size of the parcel, I wasn’t expecting the Unicorn to be quite as large as it is and soon realised that this was one occasion when the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ certainly applied.

It was love at first sight, E utterly adored the rather large Unicorn and after unwrapping the many accessories included we pulled the plastic stopper from its horn and found that indeed, the Unicorn is interactive in that it plays a rather soothing tune which I could only liken to a lullaby.

The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn is suitable for ages three and over, it does require batteries which are included but should they need replacing then you will require 2 x AAA batteries.


What’s Included?

Included with the Baby Born Interactive Unicorn is:

Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

  • A sheet of stickers which can be placed upon the Unicorn or perhaps upon your face should your child be similar to E and never use stickers for their purpose.
  • A plastic comb to brush the Unicorns beautiful mane and tail or once again if your child should be similar to E it could also be used to brush their own hair too!
  • A grooming brush for taming the Unicorns beautiful mane as the Unicorns body is made from solid plastic and whilst your child can simulate grooming as you would a horse or Unicorn for that matter, it is more use on the mane and tail.
  • A saddle which the Unicorn can wear should your little one wish or alternatively it may be removed and used upon a whole host of other toys to try for size.
  • Three clip on hair strands to add either pink, navy blue or ‘frozen blue’ to your horse’s mane or tail should you fancy. 
Putting The Unicorn Through It’s Strides

The Unicorn is really sturdy which is useful when styling its hair as it remains upright unlike many other products such as styling heads and such like. E has an Elsa styling head which has to be held between your knees when brushing its hair as otherwise it topples over, unlike the Unicorn which seems to be a high quality, durable product.

After styling the Unicorns hair by which I mean begging me to plait its mane so that E could then add accessories including a few of own hair slides for good measure E found a few of her other toys that she hoped may be able to ride the Unicorn.


Related Products

After a little investigation I found that Zapf Creation have already considered that the Unicorn may need a rider as many of the baby dolls that they also produce fit perfectly into the saddle ready to ride.

Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

I will shortly be purchasing the Baby Born Wonderland Interactive Doll to go alongside the Unicorn to complete the set.


What Is Interaction?

With the Unicorn being labelled as ‘interactive’ I was expecting it to do a little more than play a tune. This got me thinking, what is interaction? Interaction is the exchange of actions between two things, whether it be an object or a person. That is precisely what this Unicorn offers as E has proved by spending many hours combing and styling its hair.

It made me realise that toys needn’t be ‘all singing, all dancing’ technical wonders. The best toys are those that are simple, easy to use and provoke hours of fun.


Toy Therapy

Both E and I really enjoyed playing with the Baby Born Interactive Unicorn, there’s something rather therapeutic about combing and styling hair, perhaps this is why the Japanese make use of ‘zen gardens’ and other office toys to promote relaxation.


Pricing & Where To Buy

The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn is available from  a wide range of high street and online stores including Argos, TescoToys R Us, Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and Amazon where it currently retails for only £25.49


To Summarise

Both E and I would certainly recommend The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn, it is a high quality, sturdy product which provides hours of fun.

For further information upon ‘The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn’ visit the Baby Born website.

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my daughters and my own.


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