Mastering The Art of Arokah

After spending most of the night wide awake coughing and spluttering I admitted defeat and headed downstairs to locate the phone and ring in sick. Whilst on my way down the stairs I failed to notice the rather large Nerf gun which had been left in my tracks and took a tumble smashing my elbow against the wall. Needless to say I’m not having the best day, not only am I finding it hard to breath but I can barely move for the pain which is shooting up and down my arm.

Thankfully I can still type so long as I position my arm correctly, thus I thought I’d take this opportunity of dismal downtime to sit with my box of tissues, a cold drink and my Macbook in order to share something rather wonderful which I came across during the Christmas break.



As a member of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’ I am sent a game each month to share and review with my readers. This month we were sent ‘Arokah‘, a unique game for one which combines the beauty of extraordinary patterns with puzzles to challenge and test all ages.

Mastering The Art of Arokah

Steve C Brazier has created the ultimate brain teaser based on a natural phenomena, the hexagon. Arokah isn’t a board game as such, yet it’s packaged as so, Arokah is in fact a puzzle much like the Rubix series but with far more scope as players are able to fashion a wide range of patterns from the twenty-three pieces which are included within the set.


Whats Included?

Included within the Arokah set is:

  • 12 x Puzzle Challenges (from Levels 1-6)
  • 3 x Master Challenges (GLOX, XAVO and oKELo)
  • 1 x Double Sided Playing Board
  • 23 x Unique Arokah Shapes
  • 1 x Welcome Guide & Instructions

Mastering The Art of Arokah


Mastering The Art of Arokah

Having wrapped myself in my dressing gown for warmth I then slumped on the sofa for a little comfort following my fall. It was then that I spotted Arokah sat under our Christmas tree and decided to give it a go, what better way to make use of our new coffee table and to pass the time whilst feeling under the weather?

According to the instructions provided players begin their journey as a ‘Tyro’ (a beginner/ novice) and progress through the six levels of ‘Arokah Mastery’ to become a ‘Doyen’ (a respected or prominent person). Only then are they able to become a ‘Master of Arokah;’ by successfully completing one or more of the Master Challenges.


Mastering The Art of Arokah

Each of the puzzles are based upon the structure of a hexagon, natures sacred shape which is used to form many of the Worlds wonders including flowers, snowflakes and honeycombs for example. This fantastic one-of-a-kind multi puzzle is much like a jigsaw with many solutions, all of which range in difficulty to complete.

As you can imagine being full of cold and having just taken a tumble down the stairs my brain isn’t entirely switched on so whilst I may have dabbled with Arokah I haven’t got the stamina nor determination to do much more than fiddle with the pieces at present. My husband on the other hand is having great fun following the puzzles provided to create a range of patterns, the kids have also had a play with the pieces and whilst they didn’t use the puzzles provided they took their time to piece together shapes using the Arokah set.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

Priced at £19.95, Arokah is currently available to purchase online directly from


Our Final Thoughts

Arokah is a timeless puzzle for all to enjoy, this mathematical, geometrical, challenge teaches both children and adults the art of ‘practice makes perfect’ as the more you play the better you will become.

I would certainly recommend the Arokah puzzle to my family, friends and readers not only for its practical purposes but this game features a beautiful board which will spark conversation whilst providing players with endless hours of entertainment.

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Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



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