Ninny Noo Noo AKA Richie the Rabbit, A Forever Friend.

Ninny Noo Noo AKA Richie the Rabbit, A Forever Friend.For those of you that have the pleasure of knowing our beautiful little girl, you will be well aware that she has a bit of a thing for her ‘Ninny Noo Noo’ aka the soft rabbit that she carries everywhere without fail.

Whilst this super soft bunny is known to us (and all of our family and friends) as ‘Ninny’, which was E’s first attempt at sounding out the word ‘bunny’. Whilst E is now more than capable of saying the word ‘bunny’ she still refers to her furry little friend as ‘Ninny’ or occasionally when the poor bunny is probably in trouble of some sort E will refer to the rabbit in full as ‘Ninny Noo-Noo’. God knows where the apparent surname of  ‘Noo Noo’ came from but that’s just how it is and who are we to argue with a two-year old?!

Ninny or Ninny Noo-Noo if you prefer is actually named ‘Richie the Rabbit’, at least that’s the official name given by the designer and producer Happy Horse Toy’s Don’t tell E this unless you want a full on melt down and believe me nobody wants that.

Happy Horse Toys are leading designers of plush toys. Richie the Rabbit (aka our Ninny) is one of many plush characters available from their vast collection. This fluffy little critter is the ideal companion for little ones and don’t worry, Happy Horse apparently prioritise their design upon safety, ensuring that each product meets the highest European safety standards, thus making it suitable for any age.

Ninny became a firm favourite for E literally from the day that she was born when ‘Ninny’ was lovingly given to E by her Grandparents as a welcome to the World gift. E seemed to like feeling the bunnies soft, fluffy ears, it was following this that the bunny became an essential part of the baby toolkit.  Whilst we paced the floorboards trying to comfort our little one, it seemed as if the bunny had it sorted in an instant. As soon as we realised that the bunny seemed to be the secret ingredient in settling our newborn daughter, we daren’t leave the house without the damn thing. It soon became apparent that we may require more than one of these lovely bunnies to account for washing and in case of loss, which we simply couldn’t risk!Ninny Noo Noo AKA Richie the Rabbit, A Forever Friend.

To this day, Ninny is still E’s favourite toy and she literally takes it everywhere that she goes, this means the poor bunny gets fairly well-loved and also fairly messy at times. As our darling daughter is unable to be without her ‘Ninny Noo Noo’ at any one point in time, we have actually purchased three of these toys which we use in rotation to ensure ‘Ninny is always at hand’. We must be soft in the head!

For those of you interested in ‘bagging a bunny’, Richie the Rabbit (Ninny) measures about 30cm in length, is super lightweight and easily folds into the smallest of handbags/ changing bags. I know this is the case as we have been known to carry a spare bunny every now and then, the spare must of course be well hidden (to avoid our daughter discovering that her beloved Ninny is one of three) and so tends to get crammed in the bottom of a bag. Richie the Rabbit can be washed easily at 30 degrees celsius, We have washed E’s collection of bunnies many, many, many times and I for one am still highly impressed by how each rabbit has retained its quality.

Richie the Rabbit is available in a range of colours to suit either gender or personal preference. Retailing at only £15.99 from Amazon, Richie the Rabbit is the ideal gift for a little one. For further information upon the product visit

Just a quick note, I have not been sponsored or asked to write this post by any business or individual.This is simply a product that I feel deserves a mention to the masses!


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