Getting Into The Christmas Spirit – How To Make Mulled Wine

Christmas Is Coming

With Christmas well on the way I can’t help but to indulge in some of the many Christmas treats which seem to call to me from their display shelves as I try to carry out an innocent top-up shop for all things nutritious.

Rather than chowing down on chocolate coins, mince pies or pigs in blankets I opted to treat Paul and I to a little ‘festive spirit’, by which I am of course referring to wine, mulled wine that is.


Any Excuse For A Knees Up

It may only be November but it’s sodding cold out there and a hot drink is the ideal winter warmer.…

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#MiniChefs With Num Noms – Review & Marshmallow Toffee Krispy Cake Recipe

Our little lady E has a bit of a thing for small, plastic toys such as Shopkins and other mini-figures. She was therefore delighted when we were sent The Num Noms ‘Diner’ and ‘Pizza Party’ set to review.

What are Num-Noms?

Num-Noms are cute, scented, collectible figures based upon food and flavours.

“A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num-Noms. To create your own flavour fusion mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for mischief with so many wacky combos. The Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And, they smell so delicious!”

Opening & Investigating the Num-Noms

After opening the ‘Diner Num Noms’ set we realised that there was also a ‘mystery’ Num Nom toy to add to the excitement.…

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When Baking’s A Bind, Make It Easy Peasy Lemon… Cheesecake! 

Whilst pulling pints in the local this evening I got chatting to one of my lovely customers who had a  hankering for some Lemon Meringue Pie. Sadly it wasn’t to be as it wasn’t on the menu and so I half-jokingly suggested that once back at home she should ‘don an apron’ and get baking. If you want something bad enough then it’s worth working for, even if it means going all Delia (or Nigella if you like to get kinky in the kitchen).

The customer laughed at the suggestion of baking and as the ‘customer is always right’ so they say, it got me thinking… There are times when baking can be a bit of a bore and it needn’t be, as there’s always ways and means to make things that bit easier.…

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The Perfect Play Dough Recipe

Children love playing with anything tactile, whether it be their food that they should be eating or even the contents of their nasal cavities, they tend to love being able to manipulate and mould a material, play dough is perfect for exactly this. Think of play dough to be like a kids version of a stress ball, then add the benefits of creation and suddenly the mess which comes with play dough suddenly seems worth it.

My top tip is to try to keep your kids at the table when they play with this stuff and change their socks after they’ve finished playing with the dough to minimise the risk of you having to scrub and scrape your carpets for the next few days.…

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