Celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day With Num Noms

Did you know that today just so happens to be National Chocolate Cake Day? What better excuse to chow down on the sweet stuff than to dedicate a whole day to chocolate cake?

National Chocolate Cake Day

To celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day we were sent a rather wonderful selection of goodies from Num Noms. Included within this package was a selection of sweeties from which to create some rather fabulous chocolate cakes.

As you may have read in posts published earlier this week our little lady hasn’t been feeling herself and as a result has had a few days away from school to recuperate.…

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Down The ‘Blue Lagoon’ Without Any Paddles Cocktail Recipe

As part of our ‘Cheesefields’ weekend plans, Paul and I were asked to bring along a cocktail of our choice to share at the party. Having spent many years drinking ‘Blue Lagoon’ in bars Worldwide I opted to give my favoured cocktail a shot.

After mixing together a splash of this, a slug of that and a dash of something else I created something even better, a lethal cocktail which I then named ‘Down The Blue Lagoon Without Any Paddles’.

Should you fancy putting together a rather refreshing alcoholic drink to share with friends which may or may not resemble screen wash here is my recipe:

You will need: 1 x Large Pitcher/ Jug 1 x Tall Glass 1 x Bag of Ice 1 x Bottle of Blue Curaçao (Blue Bols) 1 x Bottle of Vodka 1 x 2 litre Bottle of Lemonade Method Crush the ice using a roller pin and fill the pitcher with ice Pour in 2 large glasses (filled to the brim) of Vodka Pour in 2 large glasses (filled to the brim) of Blue Curaçao Pour in 8 large glasses of Lemonade Stir together and serve in cocktail glasses.… View Post

Celebrating Pancake Day With The #WhatsYourFlavour Num Noms Campaign

We may have accidentally celebrated Pancake Day a week early in this household but that means only one thing, we can do it all over again this week!

The NumNoms #WhatsYourFlavour Campaign

Num Noms are also celebrating this Pancake Day with the release of their new wacky stackables and we were very kindly offered the chance to take part in their latest #WhatsYourFlavour campaign.

What better way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday than to get the kids into the kitchen and get a little creative with their favourite figures, foods and flavours?


What Are Num Noms?

Num Noms became hugely popular in 2016 with their collectible, food based, scented figures proving to be a big hit with children across the UK.…

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Pancake Day Came Early – How To Make The Perfect Pancakes

Have you ever done that weird thing where you wake up at 3am feeling as if it’s 7am so you get dressed and ready for the day ahead only to realise that you still have a further four hours sleep available? I did similar today…

Somehow I got it into my head that it was Shrove Tuesday and following a trip to the swimming baths with the kids I made a tonne of pancakes for tea. It was only after tossing, topping and troughing the pancakes that I was told by my Mother-in-law that Pancake Day isn’t until next week!

I guess that Pancakes are always a hit in this house and repeating Pancake Day all over again next week is no big deal.…

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Rachel’s Nutty Flip Recipe

Over the past few months I have hosted a couple of coffee mornings for a small group of ladies in a similar parental position to myself. We each share similar concerns regarding our children and as a group we meet up each month or so to chew the fat.

Originally we met in the building attached to the school but since funding reduced we decided to continue our meetings in the comfort of our own homes.

I usually tend to bake some goodies to share with the girls and one of these ‘bakes’ have become rather popular with one particular lady.…

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