What’s It All About?

I’ve ticked some serious boxes this weekend, I’ve managed to read and reply to the majority of my inbox, caught up with at least three hours of soaps, made a start on a job application, got through four washing loads, cleaned the fridge, made dinner, washed up, completed my tax returns, cleaned shoes, done a shopping run and put all the groceries away yet somehow there’s still jobs waiting to be done!

I’ve said sod it for now and sat down with a drink and the laptop whilst Paul has a shower following six hours of heavy-duty gardening and the kids go goggle eyed glued to their IPads. I simply do not have the energy to hoover vacuum, to mop or to put away the mounds of laundry before heading out to work this evening.

What's It All About?Life’s too short to spend all day playing cleaner, theres more important things to consider than emptying dishwashers, piling up laundry or dusting units. I was told some rather sad news last night and since then I’ve found myself wondering what its all about really… Nobody really knows for sure and whilst I may sit and wonder it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be struck by some divine intervention and suddenly find the answers to the Universe. Would I even want to know?

The weathers utter rubbish today, one moment it’s all summer tops and sandals and the next I’m feeling shivery and reaching for my jumper. The joys of living in the good old UK… nothings ever quite as it seems! I’m not really sure where this blog post is going if I’m honest, it’s hardly an inspiring post then again life’s hardly brimming with excitement at the moment.

Other than the regular routine and the ongoing DIY theres very little else to consider other than whether I should pour myself another glass of wine. Is my glass half empty or half full? I’m not entirely sure either way it needs topping up!



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