Five Things To Do During Lockdown 2.0

It’s official – lockdown 2.0 has started and is set to stay for the rest of the month. But while the first lockdown resulted in inevitable boredom, a baking banana bread compulsion, and fitness-related Tik Tok’s that make many people now shudder, that doesn’t mean that your second lockdown has to be the same. In fact, this second lockdown doesn’t have to leave you feeling bored on the sofa at all!
If you have kids, having some time to yourself, in particular, is important, even essential, allowing you to be a better parent, partner, and even friend to your nearest and dearest. That’s why these lockdown 2.0 ideas are specially curated for those moments when you need some much needed me time. Here are five things to do during lockdown that you can start right now!

Five Things To Do During Lockdown 2.0

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping

There’s no denying that Christmas will, inevitably, look a bit different this year from what we all know and love. However, that doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled, especially not where children and families are concerned. The weeks leading up to the big day are generally hectic, stressful, and chaotic, trying to fit Christmas shopping alongside our daily tasks and responsibilities. Now that we are at home, it is the perfect time to get a head start on the wish lists and advent calendars and get your shopping sorted for your family and friends. While brick and mortar shops on the highstreet may have physically closed their doors, the online world of eCommerce is here to save the day and help get you organised ahead of schedule, leaving you free to enjoy this holiday season stress-free.

Start a side hustle

This year has seen side projects boom into side hustles, thanks to many people being able to give the time needed to nurture their hobbies and passions to make money out of selling their craft. Etsy, in particular, has been flourishing, and there has seen a real trend in 2020 of people making purchases with small, local, and independent businesses as opposed to the big corporate conglomerates that typically dominate the highstreets. Whether you are a talented painter, have a knack for making beautiful jewellery and festive decorations, or could give Mary Berry a run for her money with your baking skills, now is the time to shine.

Become an expert at brewing mulled wine

Now that we are officially in November, it’s perfectly acceptable to start thinking towards Christmas and slowly get into the festive spirit. In the months leading up to the big day, many people would usually be hitting up all of the Christmas markets dotted around the country to indulge in some mulled beverages. But with lockdown and Christmas markets cancelled this year, you can still make up for it and take festive matters into your own hands at home! With many Mulled Wine recipes out there on the web, why not try a few out and brew some at home to bring the Christmas Market atmosphere to you instead.


Many people have considered this year to be a big wake-up call, especially in terms of life plans and career prospects. Despite all of the current uncertainty, many people are actually reconsidering their careers during the outbreak and have been brainstorming ideas about what will make them happier, both personally and professionally. With more time on your hands, why not make the most of it this time around and use it productively to benefit yourself and your future? It is now the perfect time to invest in yourself by signing up for an online course and gaining some new skills and qualifications that could help you to make a career change further down the line. It could also help you move up the ladder where you are currently or inspire you to start a side project of your own. There are plenty of online courses and even degrees out there in virtually every subject. You can even practise what’s known as a competency based interview, commonly used by many employers to test an applicant’s knowledge as well as skills to get you ahead of the competition.

Try out running

While taking up an exercise is not particularly original or new following on from the first lockdown, or even in general, it’s undeniable that now is the perfect time to get back into a good fitness routine. Not only is exercising good for the body, but it is also excellent for overall mental health, which is something that we should really focus on during this second lockdown. As we are now in autumn, leading up to winter, the days are shorter and good moods can very quickly decline, which is why it is essential to address it head-on. Running is a great sport to take up, allowing you to get some fresh air and be outdoors in daylight for a little bit – perfect given that we will be stuck most of the time indoors! Running is also a cardio exercise, challenging your entire cardiovascular system and is excellent for the heart. If your fitness routine has taken a bit of a nosedive ever since everything reopened after the first lockdown, now is the time to redeem yourself, get fit over winter, and experience that runner’s high.

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  1. 48HourSmartyRach
    November 19, 2020 / 12:36 pm

    Absolutely love your suggestion for becoming an expert in brewing mulled wine, I could definitely get on board with that!

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