The Mid-Week Slump

I seem to be suffering from a mid-week slump, I’ve come home and cracked on with my usual chores whilst listening to Alexa, the day is done and the sun is shining – all would seem well with the World yet I seem to be lacking luster for life and my smile seems to have slid.

I would usually put feelings like this down to the winter weather, the January blues, or the time of the month yet none of these seem to be the issue.

The Mid Week Slump

Over the years I’ve come to realise that perhaps I’m a little too perceptive for my own good. I tend to read between the lines rather than along them and whilst it’s great to be able to see things for what they are, having a clear vision isn’t necessarily a gift to gain from.

There are times when that intuitive little voice in your head ain’t far wrong and whilst you’d love to believe otherwise, you just know…

The future is never entirely clear, who knows what’s around the corner? I keep trying to remind myself that things aren’t always how they seem and that nothing is ever written in stone.

I am however rather inclined to agree with the theory that the glass is most likely to be half empty. My glass just happens to be ever so slightly chipped and I’m not so sure as to whether it’ll withstand further use without the risk of breaking.

On that note, I’m off to find a glass and to fill it to the brim!





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