The 1am Club

You know those nights when you just don’t feel ready to sleep? I seem to be having one! It’s 1am precisely, two hours at least since I should have been flat out in my bed. It may have been a busy day, I may have had my mind filled with thoughts and ideas for hours on end but I’m unable to switch off as of yet.

Insomnia is something which often bites my backside and as a result I often wake feeling rough as toast the next morning. The cure? Well that would be sleep but trying to find the blighter is often impossible as I lay tossing and turning deep in thought until eventually I give in and grab the IPhone to research whatever it may be that is either bothering or quizzing my mind at the time.

The 1am Club

I’ve often looked back after a restless night half expecting to find the answers to the Universe highlighted on my previous nights digital search but am usually greeted by masses of badly written, uninformative crap which I somehow stumbled upon only hours earlier.

I realise that J our son suffers with an inability to wind down and I think I may be to blame, being a night owl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be believe me! What I’d do to snuggle down at 9.30pm with a cup of cocoa and wake ready to rock and roll at the crack of dawn, the birds singing ready for a fantastic new day.

Waking up has never been my strong point, god forbid should you ever try to wake me first thing in the morning as it’s said to be much like poking a bear with a sore head! This bear needs its bed given tomorrow or should I say todays busy schedule. Lets hope that when I eventually snuggle into my pit I may find sleep.



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