Smiling Without Sleep

Today seems to be the day for running endless errands most of which have taken place from the comfort of my home office space yet require some serious brain space which I am currently lacking.

I’ve at least managed to tick off a few jobs from the never-ending ‘to do’ list which is usually wedged at the forefront of my mind given that I’m a freak of nature and cannot help but to be overly organised. I’m a total ‘list lover’ and under normal circumstances revel in the idea of putting information together into files, folders and such like but given that I feel like shizz warmed up thanks to a joyous chest infection I’d rather snuggle on the sofa than catalogue and coordinate crap.

Smiling Without Sleep

I’m yet to pull off ‘five hours of faking it’ later this evening whilst once again pulling pints for the punters. God help me come ten o’clock tonight, I am utterly exhausted and completely worn out having spent yet another night tossing and turning whilst struggling with fits of coughing desperately attempting to succumb to sleep.

If I don’t find sleep in the next few days I’m fairly sure that I may end up snoozing whilst stood up. I’ve tried watching television, reading, playing games, laying in a hot bath, listening to Music and no end of random relaxing rubbish to settle myself to sleep but insomnia is a bee-atch and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as of yet, neither does my cough so it seems!

Oh god it’s happened again, I’ve written yet another whining, whinging post which most of you will have absolutely no interest in reading whatsoever. Apologies, give me time to rest and recuperate and I’m fairly sure that the regular, resilient Rach will make a come back.



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