Resolving Issues

As is life I am often faced with a few problems from time to time. The saying goes that it ‘comes in threes’ but as for this household I’m convinced otherwise as our list seems endless! My parents used to say that ‘The Gremlins’ were visiting when they struggled with breakages and such-like which seems more suited to our situation.

Resolving Issues

For the past three or four months my Macbook has seemed rather disgruntled each and every time I have restarted the machine. It seemed to require something termed as ‘Keychain Access’ passwords for numerous applications and after having followed Googles guidance on how to combat this I failed to fix the issue.

I’m not sure whether it was the sheer amount of pop ups that I was being faced with or the frustration of being unable to solve the problem either way I gave in earlier today and contacted Apple for their support.

I was actually really impressed with their customer service, their technical team were straight onto the issue and after almost an hour at their expense spent talking to their tech guy whilst following his peer-to-peer support we finally got to the brunt of the problem and low and behold I no longer have random pop ups screaming at me each time I restart my machine.

Resolving Issues

I don’t know the bloke that helped me, I have never met him face to face, for all I know he could be seriously ‘fugly’ although with his cute but cool American accent I couldn’t help but to visualise Brad Pitt at the other end of the phone line. Either way, I was so elated that he had solved my Macbook matters that I could have quite happily kissed him!

It most certainly seems to be the week for ‘fixing issues’, the car has now returned from its weekend away with Keith and having had a costly makeover, she no longer has a bad ass boo boo along her rear end, she now looks like new!

Having drowned his vape whilst wading through the flood water upon return from the garage, Paul has now replaced said vape with not one but two ‘his and hers’ matching and rather colourful vapes. We now have a spare vape (my old one) which to use in emergency situations or for whenever we should fancy changing juice flavour!

Resolving Issues

Speaking of ‘new things’ I also treated myself to a new blog theme, yet another of PipDigs designs which I’ve been meaning to purchase for a while now. It isn’t a whole World apart from my previous theme but it seems to feel a lot cleaner and easier on the eye.

Resolving Issues

Having installed said theme I then found myself faced with a few technical issues regarding certain aspects of my blog page. Having corrected the majority the problems myself I then dropped an email to PipDig who very kindly gave me further assistance on how to carry out my desired design. As always, my blog is ‘a page in progress’ and I’d love your feedback regarding the layout and design or any other aspects of my site should you fancy leaving me a comment or dropping me an email.

Talking of ‘technical twaddle’, Paul and I have recently upgraded our internet from Broadband to Fibre which apparently goes live in the next few hours. Having spent far too many hours twiddling with the router desperate for a connection whilst using up the entirety of my 02 4G allowance I eventually gave in and asked for an alternate package.

Resolving Issues

For the past four months, Sky internet has been much-like a pair of whores knickers. Here’s hoping that now they have apparently ‘upgraded’ our service that we may see an improvement and perhaps this months 02 4G allowance may get used whilst out and about rather than under my own roof!

Away from the technical and onto the ‘practical’ I’ve also managed to fix a few bits and bobs around the house with the good old super glue and as a result I now have a functioning phone case and E has a mouth organ which she is able to play.

Most importantly though, the one thing that is closest to our hearts which seems to be making a rapid improvement and may not be ‘fully fixed’ but is certainly far better than she once was dare I say it…is the dog!

Having had an emotional and lengthy telephone conversation with our vet Rick, Paul and I weren’t entirely sure whether we would be ‘with or without paws’ this week. Thankfully Rick prescribed Molly cortisone as a ‘last chance saloon’ option and miraculously she seems to be picking up.

Resolving Issues

I can only hope that she continues to improve and although we are well aware that she is an ageing dog (she will be twelve-years old come Saturday) both Paul and I wish to spend as much quality time with ‘our Mo’ as possible. As long as Molly is comfortable, happy and able to enjoy her life then I see no issue with us continuing to make use of medication to give her that extra time to enjoy.

I feel a certain sense of both achievement and accomplishment having fixed so many issues within the past week. Here’s hoping that for the foreseeable our household remains ‘problem free’ which given that we have two kids that often bear resemblance to bulls within China shops, that and I’m the clumsiest gal known to man is hardly likely!



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