Regretting Cerazette – Problem Pills

Having made the decision that our family was complete following the birth of our beautiful daughter E almost four years ago, Paul and I have spent the past few years experimenting with a range of contraception methods including the pill.

Regretting Cerazette - Problem Pills

Originally back before trying for or having children I used to take Microgynon, a popular ‘combined contraception pill’ which suddenly seemed to sky-rocket in price or so I was told by my GP resulting in many women being offered a cheaper alternative, Rigevidon.

Shortly after having my second child I was transferred onto Rigevidon which may well contain the same active ingredients as Microgynon but having carried out a fair amount of research upon this particular pill it seems that it is manufactured differently. Having used the Rigevidon combined pill for almost two years, along with a pregnancy scare or two whilst on this pill I began suffering with adverse side effects including irregular periods, extreme pain, depression, anxiety and massive weight gain.

Regretting Cerazette - Problem Pills

I decided to stop taking Rigevidon and allowed my body a break from chemicals to regain a regular cycle and look into alternative , more suitable methods of contraception. Having had a chat with the GP I was advised against using a combined pill due to my age and was instead offered Cerazette, the mini-pill.

Regretting Cerazette - Problem Pills

I began taking Cerazette almost three months ago and following taking this pill for twenty-eight days I expected to take a seven-day break from the pill as I had been used to whilst using the combined pill however found that Cerazette required no break.

Don’t get me wrong, I detest periods and I would do almost anything to avoid those six or seven days of hell on Earth, but periods do actually serve a rather useful purpose as they kindly remind and reassure us that we needn’t worry ourselves over the pitter patter of tiny unwanted feet.

Having started suffering with intolerable anxiety, horrendous depression and hideous outbreaks of acne almost a fortnight into my first sheet of Cerazette pills I decided to put a stop to the course immediately after I’d taken the final pill from the sheet. I was expecting my period to follow days later but days began turning into weeks as Aunt Flow showed no sign of arriving.

After almost a month of waiting for the painters to call (excuse the period puns) I eventually gave in and took myself off to Boots to collect a pregnancy test. Thankfully said test was negative and I returned to waiting and wondering where on earth my period might be.

It was at this point that I began researching into Cerazette and found myself horrified by the results. God knows why my GP would ever suggest putting me onto such a hideous pill considering that I suffer badly with depression and have battled for years with my complexion.

Should you be considering the Cerazette mini-pill, just be aware that this drug can cause numerous side effects, here are a few of the ‘less-serious‘ issues patients may suffer with whilst taking this pill:

  • acne
  • breast tenderness and breast enlargement
  • an increased or decreased sex drive
  • mood changes
  • headache and migraine
  • nausea or vomiting
  • small fluid-filled sacs called cysts on your ovaries – these are usually harmless and disappear without treatment
  • stomach upset
  • weight gain

Not only is taking Cerazette like holding a rag to a bull for anyone suffering with anxiety, depression or such like but it is also a total nightmare for anyone who like me tries to keep on top of their monthly cycle. Cerazette has a lengthy list of side effects including either cancelling out periods entirely, causing irregular periods or worse causing constant bleeding.

In my case it seemed to cancel out my periods entirely and it took almost two months following coming off Cerazette for my cycles to return. I feel far better in myself now that I have come off the contraceptive pill. I no longer suffer with acne, headaches, insomnia, anxiety or depression and I am now able to predict when my period is likely to arrive without chemical interference.

As I said above, the side effects I listed were only the ‘less serious’ side effects. Should you fancy having a little google and researching the more-serious issues concerned with this drug then be sure to have a stiff drink by your side…

I wouldn’t usually write such a lengthy or detailed post about contraception or any other related topic but I felt that I should document my experience given that I only used Cerazette for less than a month but within that short time it caused no end of problems all of which could have been avoided had I done a little research.

I am now looking into the IUD (coil) and implant as alternative methods which may suit my body a little better. One things for sure, I will be staying well away from the pill (no matter what its brand, make or type) for the foreseeable future.




  1. July 21, 2017 / 10:21 pm

    It’s strange how everyone reacts so differently to contraception! I was on Cerazette for about 2 years with no problems (and loved the lack of periods!) until I started bleeding and just didn’t stop for about 9 months… it was a nightmare and doctors just didn’t seem concerned ? hope you can find a method that works for you! X

  2. July 23, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    I have never found a contraceptive pill that has suited me, they have all caused me to feel depressed and incredibly hormonal. They also made me bleed continually. I also tried the injection and spent 3 months having the most horrendous mood swings. Thankfully my hubby had the snip after we had Jake so I don’t need to worry now. Hope you can find something to suit you soon x

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