Lighten Up A Little

As much as I love my man, there are times when I think ‘really?!’  I hate to whine but there are times when a lady has to blow off some serious steam and last night I did just that… on the internet.

Perhaps it wasn’t right of me to reel off realms of men-bashing material online but it’s what came out on my blog at that moment in time.

I think that we need to question what a blog is for?  I personally use my blog to share life as it is, real life! No instashams or fakebook crap here, move on! I write from the heart and at times that may be controversial but if we all shared the same opinions then the World would be a boring place to live.

Lighten Up A Little
How many times have you laughed along to comedians dishing the dirt on their other halves? I for one have cackled along with numerous relationship based gags in my time. Each and every one of them were inspired by real life situations and were entirely harmless, humerus fun.

We all relate to the gender difference dilemmas in some way or another and why shouldn’t we make light of it? Christ if we took everything seriously then our time on this planet would be wasted. Where’s the fun in frowning?

At the end of the day I love my husband to the end of Universe and nothing well almost nothing is going to change that. He knows how I feel and he fully understands and supports my writing. He knows fine well that my words come from a place of love not hate.

Judge me if you like but I will continue to write from my heart because where’s the truth in a fake? A good friend recently told me that “The day you start censoring yourself because of others is the day you shouldn’t write anymore”. I fully agree, if I were to hold back the real me from my personal writing then what exactly would be the point?

I am sorry if my writing offends anyone but if you find my posts upset you then it’s really simple, just don’t read them!

I enjoy blogging and see no reason to hold back the truth. I will therefore remain to be an honest blogger with a potty mouth because that’s who I am.

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  1. angiemwebster77
    February 21, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    Here, here ! Very wise that good friend of yours is lol x

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