Life Ain’t No Fairytale

It’s been a total waste of a weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of contracting some virus or other which has totally knocked me, my appetite and my body for six. I somehow managed to get through a couple of bar shifts but was very firmly told to take things easy after almost passing out whilst pulling pints.

It’s only gone eight o’clock on a Sunday evening and rather than rallying around getting the kids ready for bed, tidying and organising the house ready for the week ahead as I would usually do on a Sunday I’m majorly medicated, snuggled in my duvet.

Heres hoping that come tomorrow I might be able to string a sentence together without my voice trailing into thin air, that and keep a meal down without becoming overcome by nausea. Before you ask, no I am not flipping pregnant nor do I plan to be in the near or far future for that matter.

Life Ain't No Fairytale

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this ill, I wouldn’t mind but my voice, the one thing that I make regular use of and am well-known for has been stripped from me. I feel much like Ariel from The Little Mermaid except ever so slightly curvier. Life’s no fairytale that’s for sure, Eric’s being kept busy taking care of the kids and keeping the house in one piece. There will be no romantic horse and cart rides through fields or boat trips through lagoons for me, instead I will make do with a supply of cold drinks and trashy television.


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