Why Does Bad Luck Have To Come In Threes?

Why Does Bad Luck Have To Come In Threes?

They do say that bad luck comes in threes. At least I hope it bleeding well does as I have managed to injure myself three times over within the space of four hours this evening. Firstly, I smashed a Port glass and slit my finger open. That proceeded to bleed like stink and so when I saw blood dripping onto the floor moments later I assumed that I hadn’t placed the plaster on correctly. As it turns out my nose had decided to join in and was bleeding profusely, which wasn’t great timing as I was in the process of serving a rather shocked looking customer at the bar.

I was looking forward to getting home after my bar shift, visualising the luxuries of a hot bath and relaxation in front of last nights episode of Gogglebox which was recorded just like all the other programs we watch, as being a parent means that catch up TV is the only way that you’ll ever have a chance at watching the TV you enjoy.

Upon arriving home I found that once again I was unable to get my car into my own driveway thanks to the house opposite us parking their many cars in positions which make it impossible for me to get into my own driveway. After storming into the house in what I can only describe as a teenagers sulk, I kicked off my boots and realised I had misplaced my phone. Quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered putting my boots back on again and so carefully tiptoed to the car in my socks not a wise move I know … 

Luckily I found my phone and so dashed back into the house, somehow completely missing the front door and instead falling straight over the ledge onto the floor. After swearing profusely I went into the kitchen, not even bothering to switch on the light to search for something (anything) sweet to make me feel better. I could make out some biscuits on a plate and so grabbed one and shoved it indulgently into my mouth. It was only then as Paul came to see what was going on, switching on the light as he did, that it became apparent that I’d just scoffed my Mothers Day surprise which the kids had lovingly made to give to me in the morning – oh fart!

I really cannot begin to even explain how frustrating things seem at the moment in my little noggin. There’s so many things that I want to put right but am forever failing at. I feel like I am battling against some sort of invisible force which is forever laughing in my face. I’m almost certain that I’m either featuring in some sick version of Beadles About or worse – The Truman Show. Either way, I’m not the one laughing that’s for sure.

Throughout my life I seem to have suffered with a terrible amount of bad luck and continue to do so, which I realise seems incredibly negative. I guess I should try to look at the positive side of things a little more, which is difficult for me at the best of times Just this once, I’ll give it a go… Maybe, just maybe karma isn’t kicking me in the backside, perhaps instead my bad luck is actually life’s way of protecting me from far worse. Just a thought! Why Does Bad Luck Have To Come In Threes? You never know what worse luck your bad luck might have saved you from.


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