Have You Seen My Mojo?

Please excuse my blogging silence, I haven’t felt 100% this week and as a result have done very little other than keep the kids entertained or at least alive over the past few days.

I haven’t really felt up to blogging recently, I don’t feel that there’s an awful lot for me to share as of late. I’ve found myself writing numerous posts filled with torrid rants regarding issues which shouldn’t really be shared online or offline for that matter which has resulted in me refraining from hitting the ‘publish’ button many times over.

Rather than ranting, raving or writing recklessly I’d far prefer to publish positive, humorous, informative posts which will interest my readers rather than send them running for the hills.

I’ve been lacking my va-va-voom recently, god knows where it’s run off to but I could really do with relocating my mojo and picking myself up from the pit of despair which I seem to have fallen into. Apologies for the ‘woe is me’ wittering, feel free to pick up a violin and play along whenever you so fancy.

Have You Seen My Mojo?

It’s the summer holidays god damn it, I should be ‘Livin La Vida Blumming Loca’ but other than a couple of trips out to the local swimming baths with the kids we’ve done sod all as Paul’s been busy working and both E have been wiped out by the latest chest infection doing the rounds. Thank the lord for Ben and flipping Holly, what on Earth would we do without them at times like these?

It won’t be too long before we are packing our cases for Majorca, a week packed full of fun in the sun. The sheer thought of having to squeeze seven days worth of clothes, cosmetics and crucial crap for a family of four into four sets of hand luggage makes me feel the need for alcohol!

We need a break though, at least I need a break that’s for sure! One more ‘Dear John’ letter from my never-ending job search or phone call from random con artists wishing to know whether I wish to make a claim following a road traffic accident I’ve not yet had and I may just have a melt down.

I’ve found some amazing ways in which to distract myself from life as of late. Reading books, playing games, watching day time television shows… none of it has been particularly productive but ‘zoning out’ seems to have been precisely what I’ve needed to do to give myself a break from reality.

I need to get my head out of my backside and focus on the future, find a path, make a plan and put it into action and I will do just that… right after I pour myself another glass of wine.



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