Half Term Action Plans

Half term has finally arrived, the PE kits, school bags and lunch boxes have all been thoroughly washed, it’s only a been a few hours since the kids arrived home and already it looks as if a small tornado has made its path through our house.

I’m all for holidays but I have a feeling that this one may well be rather arduous given that Paul and I have a list as long as my leg to get through before the end of the week.

We are yet to complete our garden but other than rid ourselves of more tip fodder and tidy around we can’t do an awful lot until the decking arrives later this week. I have a shed load of stuff to take up to the attic and quite possibly another shed load of stuff to bring down sigh. J has a dozen thank you letters to write and twelve random pieces of homework to trudge through, I have a few reviews to complete, posts to type and a crap load of jobs to get through most of which entail some serious elbow grease.

It’s ‘all systems go’ and given that we are in the midst of a heat wave I’m a bit ‘Manyana’ about the endless lists of chores. I’ve seriously lost my mojo recently, things have been a bit here and there and my head hasn’t really been in the game if I’m honest, I’m just not feeling it at the moment, I’m not sure what I do feel but I seem to be lacking motivation that’s for sure!

I was given a bit of a kick in the nonexistent balls the other day as following a busy day at Blog On I somehow got caught with my foot down and as a result I’ve joined the ‘speed ticket club’ in a serious fashion. I’ll happily hold my hands up and admit that yes I was tonking it a bit but it was entirely unintentional and whilst I am fully aware speed limits are set for good reasons I feel slightly hard done to as this was one of those ‘temporary speed restriction’ thingy ma jigs and I don’t even think any road works as such were taking place at the time.

Don’t get me wrong I’m far from expecting any sympathy and I’ve been kicking myself ever since receiving that letter in fact I’m utterly gutted and more than a bit annoyed with nobody else but myself!

Anyhow the long and short of the situation is that I will either be lucky enough to attend a speed awareness course should they deem me eligible oh the joys or I will receive a hefty fine and a number of points on my license, not entirely what I was hoping for this week but hey ho it is what it is, things happen right?

Half Term Action Plans

I am far from an angel, to be honest my halo is  hanging around my ankle as I’ve never quite pulled off being squeaky clean. I’d love to be a goody two shoes but if the shoes don’t fit… theres very little point making yourself uncomfortable trying to squeeze into them! I feel though that somehow along the lines I’ve lost my way along the track a little, whether it be redundancy, too many hours behind the bar, or a few too many vinos in the garden this evening either way I feel lost.

I’m not quite sure what to do next in life, I had a plan once over but I seem to have misplaced it at present. I guess it’s no use making plans when we never really know whats around the corner probably a flipping speed camera knowing my luck! 

I need to get back on track with job applications, get back into blogging a little more, appreciate the things that I have and concentrate on drafting a new plan of action, one which I’m going to mean serious business about.

I guess if I am wanting to make changes to my life then there’s only one person that can do that, me… I just need to muster the courage, grow some balls and put myself out there and stop worrying so bleeding much about what everyone else thinks, says and does. We only have one life and I intend to live it to the full starting now.

So here’s the list of things which we will get done throughout this half term:

  1. Take J to the cinema to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film
  2. Sit with J and help him write his birthday thank you letters.
  3. Complete and update my diary
  4. Tidy out the cupboards and get rid of the crap I don’t need
  5. Take the kids out for the day
  6. Bring down all the 4-5 clothing from the attic for E
  7. Buy new school shorts for J
  8. Stop getting myself so worked up about said speeding ticket, pay the fine, take the points or do the course and just move on.
  9. Write a few blog posts
  10. Catch up with emails and be sure to comment upon at least ten blog posts a day
  11. Take the kids around to a friends house during the week and be sure to relax
  12. Update my CV
  13. Have my application letter checked by a good friend
  14. Apply for at least five jobs
  15. Complete the wooden borders around the garden
  16. Put down decking
  17. Empty the garden of all remaining crap and take it to the tip
  18. Paint the wooden playhouse properly this time
  19. Put up the new trampoline
  20. Put up E’s new bedroom shelves and arrange Lego
  21. Complete building the Black Pearl Lego Lepin Ship with J
  22. Complete J’s many homework’s with him
  23. Work on writing and reading with E
  24. Reinstall a certain piece of software on my Mac and pray to the gods of tech that it works this time.
  25. Read a book

Right, pass me my wine I got shizz to do!



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