Going Out Out

After years and years of moaning about the lack of entertainment around our local area Paul and I finally stumbled across a decent night out within crawling distance which is literally how we got home from where we live.

Every now and then my parents offer to babysit on a Friday, Paul usually goes out to karate and kicks some ass while I tidy around the house, catch up on the soaps, blog, soak in the bath and generally entertain myself whilst the house is empty.

This week though Paul suggested that we should go out, I would usually jump at the chance to go out but having had a busy week I was utterly exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open never mind throw my makeup on, tame my hair and get myself ready for a night on the tiles.

It wasn’t just my lack of energy or enthusiasm for leaving the house but having been out many times in the past I knew fine well that there’s naff all around us to do and I wasn’t really up for wasting time getting ready only to return home an hour later bored out of my brains.

It’s been years since I’ve had a decent night out, I guess the definition of ‘decent’ depends entirely upon individual preferences but for me a good night out needs to include good company, a limitless supply of drinks and snacks, laughter, music which would ideally be a live band and dancing.

Going Out Out

There is nowhere or should I say there was nowhere around here that ticked any of those boxes and whilst Paul and I have had some good times whilst out they have never been close by. That was until Friday when I finally gave in grumbling and agreed to go out and I’m so blumming glad that I did!

We started our night in the Ski bar where Paul had a few pints while I made a jug full of blue lagoon magically disappear an amazing magic trick that would need to be seen to be believed. We then decided to give our local pub a visit half expecting it to either be empty or filled to the rafters with tipsy teenagers, either way we didn’t expect to stay too long.

Much to our surprise there was a live band playing, the pub was filled to the rafters with people of all ages many of whom we knew and soon found ourselves happily chatting to whilst vaping and consuming a range of drinks and snacks.

The night seemed to ramp up a little as we each bumped into friends from the past, work and numerous other places. Much fun was had catching up with folk we haven’t seen for years and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves letting loose and cutting some shapes on the dance floor.

It was a total blast from the past and exactly what I needed to blow the cobwebs away. We somehow ended up staying out till gone 2am and although the amount of alcohol that we consumed didn’t entirely agree with Paul’s digestive system we had a bleeping good night out which ticked every single one of my boxes within stumbling distance of our doorstep.

Here’s hoping that my parents offer to babysit again sometime soon because I’m all for dusting off my disco dancing shoes and letting my hair down again. I often find that I’m in much need of letting off some serious steam and now I’ve finally found somewhere half decent to do so I’ll be more than willing to stick on my slap and head out of the door for a night on the razz.



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