Friendship Matters

Throughout life, we meet such a vast array of characters, some of which we become close to as friends or family throughout time. Each and every one of us is entirely different, we have our own unique features, our own quirks, preferences, individual personalities and ultimately differences from one and other.

Over the years I have made a number of friends, some of which I’m still in touch with, others I have lost touch with entirely through either circumstance or personal choice. It does strike me though that despite my efforts to maintain friendships, I so often find it becomes a one-way street. I may send someone the odd message, check in to see how they are but if I didn’t bother – would they?

I did a little social media silence experiment recently to see whether my suspicions were correct and sadly, it seems I wasn’t far wrong. I decided right there and then that whilst slightly sad, it was no longer an issue which I should waste my energy upon. It may sound rather selfish and maybe a little petty of me but unless people can be bothered to contact me, then why should I bother to contact them?

Sure people are busy, sure they have families and lives of their own but I’ve noticed that the only point I ever receive contact from people seems to be when they either need or want something from me… maybe it’s the modern world, maybe it’s me, either way – it’s not how I wish to be treated nor how I would treat anyone else.

Friendship Matters

Facebook is another fad that after many years, I’ve stopped being quite as bothered about. I would like to refer to this social platform as ‘fake book’ as it’s littered with people that I once knew, people that I no longer really know nor speak to, though for some reason added me as a friend and I felt obliged to accept. I really ought to have a good sift through my so-called ‘friends list’ but then worry I may offend someone should I chose to remove them.

Every now and then I have an ‘online clear out’ and nobody seems to notice or care when I do so – I’m half tempted to come off Facebook entirely but then I have family and some actual friends (you know, the type that shows their care and actually communicates now and then) that I like to share photos and to keep in contact with so it has its uses…

It’s often said that friendships ‘come and go’, this frustrates me as I believe that true friendship needn’t fizzle out when challenged by the ‘speed test’ (the test of distance and time). Today’s technology has made it possible to maintain friendships with ease – It doesn’t matter whether you’re busy or living on the other side of the earth from one and other, a quick message here and there costs nothing and takes virtually no time at all but can mean so much.

I went through a few issues recently which brought to light just who my real friends were, it was quite an eye-opener and despite being an upsetting time, in hindsight, I’m glad it happened as it gave me insight into who and what really matters. It’s reminded me of the importance and true value of friendship, that and the effort which friendship requires.

It doesn’t matter whether you have just one or one hundred friends – it’s the give, the take and the time that you share that counts. Friendship is a balance, it’s a two-way street. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.

So here’s to my family and my true friends, you guys mean the World to me xxx

Friendship Matters


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