Dear Manchester

Dear Manchester

Not only are you my close in proximity but you have always felt incredibly close to my heart. I may not visit you as often as I should since having the kids but you are always my first port of call when it comes to the things that I treasure dearly; shopping, travel, comedy, days out, education and of course Music.

You’ve given me things that no other place has ever been able to offer, you’ve given me goose pimples as I sat watching my ultimate heroin Tori Amos in your beautiful theatre.

You made it possible for me to feel accepted in my own clothing, to find fashion and accessories which suited my unique personality.

You took me to new levels of learning through many hours of educational courses each time knowing full well I was only a hop on the train away from getting home to my family.

You’ve sent me to far off places taking care of my vehicle and its contents as I travel the World. You’ve excited me in ways which no other city has ever made possible.

Dear Manchester

As I strolled around the heart of your beautiful city on Sunday I would never have expected to hear such harrowing news only twenty-four hours later, I am utterly devastated for you and your people, your families and their beautiful angels.

Manchester I love you and all that you are, you are a strong city and you have a special kind of northern spirit which could never be found anywhere else. You are strong, you are vibrant and despite such a terrible tragedy I know that you will rise again, holding your head proud and sticking two fingers up to terrorism.

All my love




  1. May 25, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Beautiful post for such a tragic event.
    I’ve only visited there briefly twice but it definitely comes across as a special place xxx

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