There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With A Little Bump ‘N’ Grind

In R Kelly’s words “There ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”… only R Kelly was wrong because as it turns out bumping or grinding for that matter come at a cost especially when it comes to cars!

If only I could rewind and go back to this morning, if our car was human it would most likely be wishing for the very same thing given that it currently looks like it’s gone into battle with an oversized cheese grater and come out worse for wear. Who knew a wall could do so much damage to a people carrier? I certainly do now that’s for sure!

Ever since moving into this house five years ago we’ve planned to widen our driveway by taking a few bricks from the wall, I very almost did the job without meaning to earlier this afternoon and whilst the wall has survived, the car is repairable, nobody was hurt and Paul seemed rather calm considering I on the other hand am fuming with myself!

There Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Little Bump 'N' Grind

If picking up a speeding ticket a few months back wasn’t bad enough now I’ve shredded the side of our car much like a tin can. It wasn’t my finest hour but I suppose anyone could have done it, I’m not the World’s worst driver I just feel like it right now.

I wasn’t expecting for E’s early school pickup to cost me quite so dearly, as it turns out I’m now £500 down but I guess that’s what you pay for poor judgement!

Accidents happen I guess, as for today it’s not getting any better so I feel chocolate and wine are on the cards.



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