Simple, Quick and Easy Book Shelving Solutions

If there’s one thing that a child can never have enough of nor be spoilt by, it’s books. Reading is an amazing gift, being able to escape into other Worlds through words and pictures.  I personally believe that reading should only ever be encouraged. However, I do find that storage for all those wonderful books on the other hand can certainly be tricky at times. There often isn’t adequate space in children’s rooms to store books effectively. There are however a range of storage solutions available ideal for this very problem…

I personally use a wardrobe to store the majority of the kids books in, then each child has a shelf in their room with a range of reading material which is rotated on a weekly basis. I find that by using a large storage cupboard you can hide the bulk of the books and then bring out a selection each week. Rotation of books gives children the chance to see books in a fresh light and to enjoy old books as if they were new books. Reading can even be themed according to the time of year (for example by displaying and using Christmas themed books over the festive period).

Simple, Quick and Easy Book Shelving Solutions

One of the most popular and effective types of children’s book shelving solutions seems to be the trusty old ‘sling bookshelf’. Sling bookshelves enable children to view the cover of the book, rather than just the spine. Children are then able to select a book quickly and with ease, this is especially useful for young toddlers. I was lucky enough to review a sling shelf for GLTC a few years back and it has now been used for two children and is still in pristine condition. So if you’re looking for a sling shelf which is going to stand the test of time, I highly recommend the GLTC Sling Shelf.

Sling shelves tend not to take up too much floor space but in some cases where floor space is an issue, there are alternative and more cost-effective wall mounted shelving options.

Simple, Quick and Easy Book Shelving Solutions
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A simple spice rack can store and display up to ten slim books in a forward facing fashion. Not only are spice racks low in cost (priced at only £3 each from Ikea) but they can be painted and tailored to the theme or colour of your child’s bedroom too. It can often be worth buying several spice rack shelves (about four to six shelves would only cost £12- £18) and mounting them upon the wall either symmetrically or randomly to create a fantastic and funky reading area for your child/ children, all for under £20!

Wall mounted canvas sling storage is another solution if you are crafty with a sewing machine. This simple idea uses canvas, cotton material of your choice, Velcro, two pieces of wood dowel and four curtain pole hooks. Altogether, this costs under £20 to create. It is so easy to make that even I managed to make one for E’s room!

Simple, Quick and Easy Book Shelving SolutionsBooks are something to be treasured, we should therefore treat and display them as such, and by doing so entice young children into the magic of reading.




  1. May 3, 2016 / 10:11 am

    The spice rack is a great idea! My daughter has a sling bookshelf in her bedroom and she has so many books they are bursting out, and my sons book shelf is no better!

    • May 3, 2016 / 10:45 am

      Try rotating them and only giving say 20 per week?

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