Weary Weekends

This week has been one of the most fast-paced and fraught weeks that I have had in some time,¬†I’d like to think that this week may be slightly easier but I’d be kidding myself if I considered that option. Already we have appointments, playdates, clubs and activities planned for almost every evening this week, that and E has a party to attend at the weekend.

I swear that these children of ours have far better social lives than us adults could ever dream of, saying that Paul and I enjoyed a child-free evening last night, though I was flagging somewhat and despite promising that I’d dance my pins off, we left rather early and I found myself flopped with a pizza and yet another episode of Friends – that was more than enough to keep me entertained!

Weary Weekends

There are a whole host of chores around the house which need attending to; there are shower tiles to scrub, the dog could do with a bath, the living room needs vacuuming (as does upstairs) and there are three beds sat stripped awaiting fresh, laundered sheets.¬†Unfortunately, I have no energy whatsoever to do any of the above. Give me half an hour or so and a couple of coffees and I might be willing to give it a go, though I highly suspect that less than half of those jobs will get done and the rest of it will be left waiting till tomorrow (or Tuesday… or Wednesday… or WHENEVER).

I’m either getting old or I need to rest as my body literally aches all over. I’m desperate to ditch the household duties in favour of a hot bath and some TV time but as fairies are fictional and as of yet we have no maid, I’d best get a grip and get the house ship-shape and sorted.



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