Routine Has Returned

The kids have been back at school for the past three days and already I feel like routine has returned. We are now back to helping with homework, emptying bags, shoe polishing, cleaning and filling lunch boxes and the wonders of the weekly chores. It feels as if Christmas and the new years celebrations were a million years ago, as my mind is now occupied with the day-to-day tasks and tribulations.

Routine Has Returned

As I’d anticipated and expected, it’s been less than a week and already I am exhausted. To add to the exhaustion, I’ve also managed to injure myself somehow and am currently struggling with severe back pain. Whether I’m just getting old or maybe need to get a new mattress, or whether I’ve slept in a funny position or perhaps pulled a muscle somehow, I have absolutely no idea. Either way, I’ve spent the past twenty-four hours popping the paracetamol (within the advised dosage guidelines) like it’s going out of fashion, yet it hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference.

The weekend cannot come quickly enough as I am in much-need of rest and recuperation. We were planning to take the kids to the cinema but after scrolling through the Sky app, I’ve found a number of movies which the kids nor us adults have seen as of yet. I have therefore decided to ditch the cinema, to save some pennies and to snuggle with some snacks and to enjoy a ‘home movie night’. Other than that we haven’t made many plans for the weekend, although I think the kids will most likely appreciate the chance to rest and to relax at home following their first week back.

At least my insomnia seems to have reduced since returning to a routine. I would once spend hours laying in the dark desperate for sleep, whereas these days my head hits the pillow and I’m out like a light, which makes a welcome change. On that note I am off to bed as I am barely able to keep my eyes open.



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