A Parents Point Of View

I’m not sure whether it’s just me but being the parent of two school aged children often leaves me feeling much like I am back at school myself.

A Parents Point Of View

Having spent the afternoon reading with the kids in School I then returned home much-like a pack-horse loaded with bags, lunch boxes and coats whilst the children sailed indoors kicking their muddy shoes onto my freshly cleaned carpet whilst simultaneously demanding snacks, drinks and television before I could even get myself through the front door.

I carefully placed the muddy shoes onto the kitchen sideboard ready for cleaning then chased my children up the stairs to remove their dirt ridden pants and tee shirts which only this morning were pristine white. Yet another wash load was placed into the machine, thankfully E has a rotation of school coats as so far this week I’ve had to wash and dry her coat twice already and it’s only Tuesday!

Having set the washing machine onto a hot wash I threw together a couple of snacks, poured fresh drinks and dutifully served them to the children who were sat waiting and ready on the sofa much like birds in a nest awaiting a delivery of worms. I then returned to the kitchen where I spent ten minutes scrubbing and polishing my children’s shoes, emptying the tumble dryer, washing out lunch boxes and filling the dish washer with yet another round of Tupperware and pots.

The kitchen was alive with the sound of machinery as washing machines, tumble dryers and dish washers rumbled away, this was shortly disguised by the sound of the vacuum as I attempted to suck up the majority of the dried mud which clung to my once clean carpet, picking up yet more empty plates and bowls as I passed by the sofa.

I have a shopping list written on the wall which I was meant to collect earlier on today but simply haven’t had the time to complete. I was going to give it a go once the children were home but by the time I’d got everyone fed, watered, clean and changed I wasn’t exactly feeling the urge to leave the house.

A Parents Point Of View

The shopping can wait for now, I’ll do it once Paul is home to keep the kids entertained, that way I can avoid spending money on random crap to bribe the children around Tesco.

There’s spellings, writing and reading to complete before I can even consider heading out, that and yet another pile of leaflets and letters to make my way through regarding Book Fairs, photographs and god knows what else.

It’s 5pm already, Paul’s just walked through the door and I’m going to have to come clean about the lack of shopping, that and get tea started which I have absolutely no idea what to make given the cupboards are mostly empty! It may well be a waffles and fish fingers kind of evening as I’m lacking food based inspiration at present that and food in general…I’m certainly not winning any parenting awards today that’s for sure!



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