The Boy Is Nearly Nine

It’s been a while since I’ve been sick but this week brought a whole new meaning to the term man-flu. I quite literally felt like death warmed up and despite trying my hardest to crack on as normal I found it almost impossible to be anything near normal.

I’ve spent the majority of the week going to bed before nine, even the kids were up later than me but it was worth it just to get through the week! Thankfully the weekend has arrived and I can finally cut myself a little slack.

I’ve got lists of things that I don’t necessarily need to do but would ideally like to get done over the weekend. How much of that I’ll achieve I’m not entirely sure, especially as Paul and I have a child-free night planned, which we will no doubt spend in a pub somewhere or other.

I was planning to write far more blog posts than I have done so far, but other than work I’ve not had the energy to do much at all. Heres hoping that I feel well enough to get dolled up and hit the dance floor come tomorrow. It’s either that or yet another night curled up on the couch sharing a bottle over box sets.

The Boy Is Nearly Nine

It’s J’s birthday next week so I’d best pull my finger out and get planning for his party, I say party but in all honesty it’s more of a family day out. We are taking two of his friends along with ourselves for a quick swim followed by some food and a play date. I did offer him a day at Blackpool but he didn’t seem particularly bothered, he was more interested in spending the time with his friends and wherever that happened to be didn’t seem to matter so much.

J is doing so well these days; he is a total and utter book-worm though, he spends the majority of his time wedged between the cover of whichever ‘Diary of the Wimpy Kid’ he happens to be flicking through. I remember being his age and having an obsession with reading Roald Dahl, I guess the apple never really falls too far from the tree after all.

We’ve put together a pile of parcels which I’m yet to wrap ready for his big day. Given that he spends most of his time reading we’ve opted for a Kindle to try to make reading a little more accessible for him – that and to update his IPAD which is now rather ancient in terms of technology.

I am umming and arring as to whether I should get E a small gift to keep her sweet for the day. She’s got a bit of a wait until her birthday yet seems to talk about nothing but her big day. I can only assume that come summer we will be party planning on a rather large-scale.

Prior to J’s birthday he has his school residential: a two-night stay in York which I am sure he will enjoy. I on the other hand will no doubt spend the entire week worried sick about whether he’s happy, eating, enjoying himself and all the rest of the things which us parents worry ourselves sick over.

I’m going to miss my little man, especially when it comes to school pick-up time as he’s been such a massive help recently with carrying things to and from the car, making snacks and generally lending a helping hand. He’s such a clever, independent little chap and this time next year he will be hitting double-figures. It beggars belief, the time has just flown by!

Speaking of time, it’s super late and I should be in bed by now. I will therefore sup up, sign off and head to bed.




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