Marigolds Are NOT A Replacement For A Dish Washer!

Marigolds Are NOT A Replacement For A Dish Washer!Nothing says “I love you Mummy” like a new dishwasher! I never thought that I would be the type to get excited over domesticated gifts such as steam mops, carpet vacs, actifry’s, hot drinks machines or even dish washers, but I bleeding well am! I cannot wait until next week when I will be spared of my marigolds and return to normality. We spent years without a dishwasher and I was completely clueless back then as to how essential they are in terms of time and effort saving. I suppose it was just the two of us back then, we were ‘DINKY’ (double income, no kids yet) so there weren’t great mounds of pots and water fill tumblers to scrub. Oh how simple it was back then, what the hell did we actually do with our life?!

Following a rather stressful school run (which I’ll spare you the details of) I returned home on Tuesday to the distinct smell of smoke. Whilst Paul and I have both given up smoking and switched to vaping instead because we all need a little nicotine to get through the perils of parenting, it seems that the dish washer has obviously been finding life hard as it too had taken up smoking.

Following our discovery of the dish washers newly found bad habit, it has been sent to the kitchen appliances heaven to join its many friends from over the years including numerous tumble dryers, washing machines and dodgy kettles. I have to say it was a damn good dishwasher too, whilst it may have looked like it was ‘past it’ and on its last legs, it lasted almost twenty years, so full credit to Hotpoint, as in comparison with today’s technology equivalents that is seriously good going! Thing’s just aren’t made to last these days…Lets just hope that the Tesco Direct Hotpoint Dishwasher replacement lives up to its predecessor’s high standards.

Whilst at work last night, Derick popped in for a pint. Derick is one of our good friends, I refer to him as ‘My White Knight’ not because he is a Knight as such but because he is absolutely awesome when it comes to fixing appliances. Derick, AKA My White Knight has come to our rescue many times, including one particular occasion when he gave us a tumble dryer (which was a White Knight) as a moving in gift and replacement for yet another knackered tumble dryer. I remember the occasion well because we were in the process of using bamboo cloth nappies with J, and trying to dry those was awkward to say the least. What a life saver Derick was! Anyhow, getting back onto the story… Whilst Derick enjoyed his pint, I told him all about the death of our much-loved dishwasher. He jumped to attention and excitedly said “I have one of those in the car!”. I, being the complete sucker that I am completely fell for this and was surprised at this fantastic coincidence. I then explained that the dishwasher we needed would have to be slimline in order to fit into the kitchen, Derick nodded and said with a cheeky smile “this is slimline”, I was really surprised that he had exactly what we needed right outside in the car park and by this point, was almost jumping for joy. Derick then explained that in his car he had the latest…pair of wait for it… marigolds. Ha blumming ha! I cannot believe I actually fell for that. Oh well, next Tuesday it’ll have to be then.

So much for ‘World Book Day’, for J it seems that it doesn’t even last till lunch time! As expected J came out of school no longer in fancy dress, having lost Peter Pans sword and misplaced his book. Apparently he made it all the way up until lunch time before he became completely fed up of fancy dress, that’s pretty good going for him I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised, but I was a tiny bit disappointed that my predictions were so spot on. I should have got a photo of J as Peter Pan this morning before he left for school, but to be honest I wasn’t really on the planet following another late bar shift last night.

Swimming lessons have been cancelled this evening, much to J’s delight. We therefore don’t have to rush around like blue backsided flies trying to fit everything into a short space of time. Instead, we have decided to have a nice and relaxed family fry up for tea as if anything in our household is ever relaxed. You simply cannot beat a bit of streaky bacon, some dippy eggs, waffles and beans ,and on that note I am off to grab the ‘HP’. Oh yes, nothing goes with bacon quite like brown sauce.


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