The Comedy Of Parenting With Jason Manford

As parents it’s not often that we get to go out as a couple. Recently however, it seems that we’ve spent more time out than in! Earlier in the year I booked tickets for a few gigs all of which seemed to be around the same time and as a result this month seems to be manic!

Over the weekend Paul and I went to watch Jason Manford perform live at our local theatre, we’ve watched Jason several times in the past and not once have we been disappointed. Whilst Jason covers a variety of topics throughout his comedy, being a fellow parent his jokes are quite often based upon his experience of being a Father which as you can imagine is right up our street!

The Comedy Of Parenting With Jason Manford

As we sat back listening to Jason’s stories of his ‘creepy yet cute children’ wandering the corridors throughout the night I couldn’t help to but to think of our own children and how they often surprise us in the early hours with visits to our bedside for random requirements. I say ‘surprise’ but what I actually mean is that our kids seem to enjoy scaring the living crap out of us as they loom by our bedside whilst we sleep. Theres nothing quite like the wake up call of adrenalin pumping through your veins as you’ve just been tapped by a shadow in the dark!

The Comedy Of Parenting With Jason Manford

I’m not one to cry through laughter but Jason told a particular story which made me laugh so hard that my ribs literally ached and tears were pouring from my eyes. One night his daughter had apparently woken him suggesting that there were ‘monsters under the bed’. Jason obviously reassured his daughter that there were no monsters under the bed to which her response was “not my bed Daddy, YOURS!”.

This is exactly the kind of thing that my children would say to me! I too would also react exactly as Jason did and would no doubt double-check under my own bed just to be on the safe side. It doesn’t matter how ‘adult’ we become, there will always be that inner child with those insecurities and that little bit of fear of the unknown.

Having laughed our socks off for almost two hours solid, Paul and I then went out to the foyer where we then had the pleasure of meeting Mr Manford in the flesh. He kindly signed our tickets and posed for a few selfies none of which turned out very well but none the least it was still lovely to meet the man who I so often watch on television or chat to over Facebook Live face to face.

The Comedy Of Parenting With Jason Manford

Following our time at the theatre Paul and I went out for drinks with our good friends Steph and James. Two of their friends whom we hadn’t met also joined us and before long we were supping cocktails whilst sharing our own parenting stories. It got us all to thinking that put together our stories could have made their very own comedy sketch.

I have countless ‘parenting comedy stories’ but there is one particular tale which I will never forget and neither will my son for that matter as we were equally as embarrassed by the ‘knicker nightmare‘ which unfolded in front of his entire class shortly after he first started school.

Since sharing kid based comedy over the weekend I have since asked a few of my friends and fellow bloggers to share some of their own funny stories about their children. Kids are hilarious, the things that they do may drive us round the bend from time to time but bleeding hell do they make us laugh! Here are a few true stories which should raise a smile.

My daughter has had a couple of funny moments recently. My favourite was the day she came across a spider I had killed the night before and forgot to clean up. The thing was huge and when she saw it she pointed at it, and said to me, “Mummy, I don’t think that spider feels very well.” I was laughing more than I should for ages after!


My son’s full of funny moments, On Saturday for example – just pulling off in the car to go get breakfast at the local garden centre when a neighbour of ours starts to walk by. We’ve not seen him in a while so we stop, wind down windows and he pops his head through for a chat. 
Well this neighbour is known to talk quite a bit but he’s lovely. After about ten minutes or so up pipes my not-so-subtle-or-quiet 3yr old from the back “DaaaaAAAAdddDDDDYYYYY I want to go to Dobbies! Just drive awaaaayyyy!!!!” We laughed for ages at the sheer embarrassment and his utter boldness!


When shopping with my daughter then two queuing for the toilet as she had to go she proudly asked me rather loudly if I needed a poo! Much to the amusement of the ladies also waiting In the queue ?


I was asleep in bed with my toddler and he rolled over so he was right in my face and shouted ‘Iggle Piggle’, he was fast asleep. ?


I was in a public toilet with my 3 year old and at the top of her voice shouted, “Mom why are you taking that red thing out of your knickers?” I have never been so embarrassed in all my life.


“When my son was small his Grandad took him for a glass of lemonade but he could not keep his eyes off this man and so he nudged his Grandad and said “why has that mans hair slipped back?” My Dad said “shush and finish your drink.”


Thanks for taking the time to read this post, should you fancy sharing your own ‘parenting comedy story’ then you can either comment below, drop me an email or get in touch via the many social media platforms on which I reside.



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