I’m Tired And It’s Only Tuesday!

Ooooosh I’m exhausted! How can I be tired and it’s only Tuesday?! The kids seem to have settled easily back into the routine,  I however seem to have fallen off the ball so to speak and am dithering over which cheques need writing for which activities, which dates need noting down and despite trying to get with it I’m a hopeless case.

Give it a few weeks and I’m sure things will settle down a bit and I’ll find my feet. I took some time out this evening and hopped across to Ambers for a full body massage. It was amazing as always and I’ve made myself a personal promise that I’ll go more often as I sure as hell need the downtime, the time out and the tension relief.

I'm Tired And It's Only Tuesday!

When you’ve got kids the World seems to speed up, I swear I’ve actually felt it spinning recently! It’s as if you exist within a whirlwind of tears, toys, tantrums and tenderness hop footing from one to the other within short succession. Soap operas have nothing on parenting, I often wonder whether somebody is watching from afar tutting nonchalantly as they tuck their little darlings into bed for a full nights sleep without interruption.

Don’t get me wrong I love my little cherubs but by’ek do they make for hard work at times. I feel as if I’m riding a rollercoaster without a seatbelt or a neck brace to an unknown destination. I need a fix or most probably need less wine, more sleep and a fresh start tomorrow!



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