It Takes Two Baby

It Takes Two Baby
I have come to the conclusion that a four-year age gap between children is definitely the way to go. It’s not as if we ever planned on a specific age gap, it was simply that we got what we were given.

I am currently sat at a table watching my two kids run around yet another soft play centre, it’s the Easter holidays after all and whilst the sun may be shining, it’s still fa-fa-freezing outside! Once upon a time I would have been haring around the soft play structure at the speed of light keeping my little man company as he monkeyed around. It feels like so long ago since the days of being a Mum to one and looking back, I’m actually beginning to think that having two is actually easier in some respects…

Yes there are two to feed, two to cloth, two to wash, two to empty your wallet and two to keep entertained. There are also two to keep each other company, two to learn from one and other and ultimately two times the love and cuddles.

Take this moment right now for instance, J is running around chasing E around the soft play structure whilst I am having a moment to sit down and catch up on my emails. This isn’t the norm for me and so is taking a bit of getting used to.

I spent the first ten minutes popping in and out of the soft play bedlam to check upon the kids, they were both completely fine of course and at one point J actually asked what I was doing and informed me that “It’s not for adults Mummy, go and do what adults do, like get a drink or something”. For a moment I felt genuinely ‘put out’, then I gave my head a wobble and got over myself.

My kids are growing up and whilst it can it feel as if I am being made redundant at times, I love watching them develop their independence. I am not sure how exactly I will feel once E goes to school and I am no longer Mummy-Day Care, only time will tell.



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