Half Term Has Arrived

Half term has officially arrived and whilst I love my job, I have to admit that I’d been counting down to this moment for the past couple of weeks. I’m completely and utterly exhausted after almost seven weeks without stopping other than to eat, drink or sleep. The past couple of months have been endless with after-school activities, appointments, open evenings, chores and all kinds of chaos which have eaten into the majority of our evenings.

After finally finishing for the holidays, Paul and I kicked back for a rather rare child-free evening. Despite being kid-free, we barely had the energy left to get our glad rags on. Through sheer determination (and vast amounts of coffee) we managed to get out, and as a reward we danced till the early hours. Although I adore my children and love spending time with the sprogs, it felt rather refreshing to get out and to actually socialise with someone over the age of ten.

Both Paul and I lavished in a much-deserved lay in this morning. The dog wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of crossing her legs and so woke us to be let out, though even she gave us an extra hour or two in bed before waking us.

The kids arrived back sometime after dinner and by all accounts enjoyed their night away at their Nana and Grandad’s house. It’s really nice to know that they can cope without us for an evening, it’s always good to have a little time apart as it makes you appreciate the time together all the more.

Half Term Has Arrived

This afternoon the kids sat at the table, each writing their list for Santa. Both J & E have listed at least twenty items, most of which cost an arm and a leg but nevertheless we now have plenty of ideas at hand and it kept the kids entertained for a fair while.

Whilst the kids were kept busy writing their wish lists, I busied myself with ‘to do’ lists for the half term. We have so much to get done and already the week is littered with yet more appointments, parties and such-like. I swear these kids of mine have far better social lives than I ever have!

At least we have no alarm clocks, uniforms or lunch boxes to contend with for the next week. Routine can ‘run along’ whilst we enjoy a break from the norm. Here’s to a productive, peaceful and pleasant week ahead!



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