That Amazing Friday Feeling

That Amazing Friday FeelingWhilst I may have woken feeling slightly shattered from another late night arranging photos into albums, I can finally say that it is all finished and I now have date ordered physical photo albums of each of my children which are up to date. One piece of advice for any of you reading this post, whilst there are endless ways in which to store photos online, there is nothing quite like the feel and look of a physical photograph. If you are wanting to go ahead and get your photos printed be sure to check out Truprints offers as I have to say (without any sponsorship or even knowledge that I am writing this whatsoever) that they are pretty awesome.

E and I spent this morning catching up on the household chores (as usual for a Friday) then we decided to do a quick shopping inventory to actually find that the cupboards were literally bare. Thank god for online shopping as the ‘Big T’ aka Tesco are now saving us the task of trawling around those dreaded aisles, which in reality is asking for a toddler tantrum or worse, a complete melt down from one of the kids. I have to be honest, I am often quite tempted to throw a wobbler myself during a food shop, I blumming hate grocery shops, there’s no real fun in it at all, unless you happen to spot a pair of pink, glittery boots down from £20 to £4, then at least you feel like you’ve done one over on Clarks. Why do parents all feel the need to kit their kids out in shoes which cost the Earth yet last barely a month? Personally I’d much rather hit the much-loved Ebay or even better, grab an Asda bargain.

Following the realisation that we had next to nothing in our cupboards, I decided to get baking with E. She loves donning her chefs hat and getting the chance to lick cake mix from the bowl, who doesn’t? The cakes turned out really well, I decided to throw a load of currants and glaced cherries into the mix and let me tell you, they are well yummy, not exactly food for a diet but it’s not like I ever really committed to one either.

I then threw E into the car (well not physically threw her but you get the jist) and left her at her Nana and Grandads house whilst I collected J early from school. He had completely forgotten me mentioning to him about the hair dressers appointment and so seemed pleasantly surprised by my early arrival and his early exit of course. I took J to a new hairdressers, it’s not new to me as I’ve been going there for over a year now and love it to bits. However, J is a creature of habit and so I had to convince him to give it a try over his usual mens hair salon. I say salon, its more like a waiting system similar to the likes of Argos, where you sit and hope to have your hair cut within the hour, in the full knowledge that you will leave with a bowl cut style, just like every other customer- far from trendy at all.

That Amazing Friday Feeling- J having his hair cut

J was surprised by how friendly it all seemed, he walked in and was able to grab a custard cream biscuit, a glass of water and even play a game on my phone. He then sat really nicely for Anne to cut his hair and before leaving was given a bag of chocolate buttons and one for his sister too! He was so over the moon with it that he was practically skipping to his Nana and Grandads house. I felt huge relief too as I knew there was a slight chance that the situation could have gone completely differently.

Anyhow, J is now happily riding his bike with his sister and cousins around an obstacle course setup on the farm. It is amazing how he has gone from stabilisers, to wobbly to confident on a bike within the space of seven days. I couldn’t be prouder. As for E, she was too busy running around chasing everyone to make the effort to sit on her bike. You can’t win them all…

Right, I guess its time for me to stick the slap on again and leave the four walls to get pulling pints, after all its Friday.





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