Friday 13th – It’s Just Another Day

Having checked my diary earlier on today I happened to notice that tomorrow will be Friday 13th. According to superstition, Friday 13th is said to be a day of misfortune, though being a parent with both children at home for the holidays, I can pretty much guarantee tomorrow will be no different to any other day.

One of us is bound to have misfortune, we are destined to be unlucky as that’s the way of the World when kids are involved. If it’s not one child catapulting themselves from a trampoline, then it’s the other falling over a random object or causing some kind of accident.

Friday 13th - It's Just Another Day

No matter how careful you try to be or how many layers of cotton wool you wrap your precious children within, they will find a way to cause chaos and ultimately, it will end in tears.

Other than growing eyes in the back of my head, there’s very little I can do to keep watch over everything which is going on under this roof at present. With two children both of which like to annoy each other and two dogs which also wind each other up there’s never a dull moment in this household.

Maisy, our basset hound pup has been with us for just over a week now. We’ve a fair way to go in terms of toilet training, this can be frustrating at times but she seems to be doing fairly well otherwise.

I’ve spent the majority of this week cleaning carpets or sat cradling either a child or a puppy whilst contemplating all the jobs which I should be doing. Though it’s no use trying to get anything done, as the moment I make a start upon any type of task I’m almost immediately required by someone for some reason or other. Oh how I love the holidays…



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