It’s Finally Friday!

It’s finally Friday! I’m not sure whether it’s the god-awful weather or the fact that I’m absoloutly cream-crackered, either way I’m rather relieved that the weekend has arrived.

It’s been the most bonkers and bizarre week, there have been many points at which I’ve seriously wondered whether I’m either in the midst of a bad dream or worse – being filmed for some warped reality show.

It's Finally Friday!

Earlier this week for example, I took E to the hospital for an eye test. Said eye-test somehow resulted in me cracking my tooth and having to make an emergency visit to the dentist. This was followed shortly by a lengthy diversion in which E and I sat stationary whilst watching a Police Man being chased down the road by a bull … I was later told that the clothing which I had chosen to wear for the day was not only inside out but also back to front!

Given that the above example took place within the space of twenty-four hours, I’m sure that you can imagine how the remainder of my week has panned out. It’s not been an entirely ‘normal’ week but then when is my life ever normal?!

It’s been a none-stop week littered with endless appointments, chores and jobs to do. I’ve barely had time to sit, to stop or to snap a single moment in which to mull things over. I guess you either laugh or cry right? In my case I chose to sleep – I will neither laugh nor cry, I will simply curl up and close my eyes. I need rest, I need relaxation and I need… coffee – LOTS OF COFFEE.



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