Children – Lets Break It Down

Children are the most amazing, awe-inspiring beings that you will ever have the pleasure to meet. Being a parent I am well aware that children are indeed unbelievable and I say that in the kindest way possible.

To break it down, here’s a quick list outlining the basic elements of children…Enjoy!

Children - Let's Break It Down

C – Care free because who cares if leaving the lights on costs the parents a small fortune in electricity bills? Let’s go and jump in muddy puddles and sod the worries of the World.

H – Hilarious because seriously kids are pure comedy. What can be funnier than watching a small human being dance half naked as they refuse to get dressed to the Teletubbies theme tune first thing in the morning?

I – Innocent as they are fresh to the World and unscathed by life. Most children are generally happy to go along with just about anything whether it’s being jabbed with a needle, being dragged to the shops or even helping with the chores. They will participate so long as Mummy or Daddy are close by and it results in them being given a sticker or even better, chocolate.

L – Loving, there is nothing comparable to the love that you and your child/ children will share.

D – Daring, seriously the things that a child will attempt to climb or take on are heart stoppingly terrifying. Unlike us adults they have no fear.

R – Restless because sleeps for wimps right? Wrong…

E – Emotional, little ones are yet to learn how to control their feelings and until then they will turn to you, their nearest and dearest for reassurance and comfort. There are a vast array of emotions that both you and your little one will experience throughout the years.

N – Ninja, children are like Ninjas, they can creep about and spring up from nowhere at any time throughout the day or night. They have ninja like qualities in being able to wriggle out of their parents arms, clothing, bedding, high chairs, seat belts… you name it your child will put a whole range of things to the ‘Ninja test’.

Children - Let's Break It Down



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