Perfect Parenting Is A Myth: Here’s How To Be Really Good Instead

The notion of the perfect parent is nothing more than a wild goose chase! In fact, it is something that does much more harm than good, because even the parents that are getting things right most of the time can use it to beat themselves over the head with! Instead, we need to accept that parenting, just like any other experience in life will be a mixed bag where you get some things wrong, even if you are trying your hardest to do the best you can. In fact, what is far more important here is that we aim to be good instead of perfect, something that is attainable with the advice below.…

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Living For The Weekend

The weekend has finally arrived, it’s therefore time to party like an animal and to live it large. In my case however that animal would be an over-tired sloth and the only thing I’m planning on getting a large amount of is SLEEP!

Gone are the days when I would arrive home from a Friday shift, jump in the shower and make a start on getting ready for a night out on the town. No longer do I search my wardrobe for possible party wear or bop along to the latest tunes on the radio whilst curling my eyelashes and ousting my hair with an extra-large can of hair spray.…

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Routine Has Returned

The kids have been back at school for the past three days and already I feel like routine has returned. We are now back to helping with homework, emptying bags, shoe polishing, cleaning and filling lunch boxes and the wonders of the weekly chores. It feels as if Christmas and the new years celebrations were a million years ago, as my mind is now occupied with the day-to-day tasks and tribulations.

As I’d anticipated and expected, it’s been less than a week and already I am exhausted. To add to the exhaustion, I’ve also managed to injure myself somehow and am currently struggling with severe back pain.…

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Half Term Has Arrived

Half term has officially arrived and whilst I love my job, I have to admit that I’d been counting down to this moment for the past couple of weeks. I’m completely and utterly exhausted after almost seven weeks without stopping other than to eat, drink or sleep. The past couple of months have been endless with after-school activities, appointments, open evenings, chores and all kinds of chaos which have eaten into the majority of our evenings.

After finally finishing for the holidays, Paul and I kicked back for a rather rare child-free evening. Despite being kid-free, we barely had the energy left to get our glad rags on.…

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Greek Gods & Costume Chaos

Over the past term our son J has been studying Greek Mythology. To celebrate his learning, J and his class friends took part in a ‘Greek Day’, where each of the children were asked to bring along greek themed food to share with the class and dress up as either a greek god/ goddess or a greek myth.

After spending almost three hours scouring the internet for greek god themed costumes, I found very little other than Julias Caesar outfits which weren’t entirely authentic but seemed to be the only option. As J and I had decided that he would be dressing as ‘Zeus’ (the god of thunder and lightning, who was also known as ‘The King of the Gods’), I had also ordered a beautiful gold, leafy headband which didn’t arrive in time.…

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