Happy 9th Birthday Son

J –

I cannot believe that nine years have passed since I first looked into your beautiful blue eyes. Neither for that matter can I believe that you are still in single figures, yet you are almost my height AND my shoe size!

These past nine years seem to have flown by and whilst we’ve had our moments, you never fail to impress or to surprise me. I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate, clever and incredible little man.


Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy.

All my love, cuddles and kisses



xxx xxx xxx


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Taking A Break From Blogging

I was originally intending on spending this morning drafting out my weekly linky posts and such like. However, due to a recent security issue I have chosen to take a break from blogging.

Whilst I adore blogging, my family will always come first. Their safety and security is my top priority and for this reason my blog and social media posts may be few and far between for the time being.

Thanks for your understanding.


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#LivingArrows – Ponds & Princesses 20/53 (2018)

The kids seem to have had a sudden growth spurt; we’ve replaced both sets of school shoes this weekend and I am now in the process of replacing yet more clothes. It’s heartbreaking how quickly children grow up, one moment you are nursing your new-born and the next thing you know – your kids share your shoe size and you begin mistaking their clothing for your own whilst sorting the laundry.

It’s madness, come next year we will have a ten-year-old and a six-year-old! Where on earth has that time gone to? Thank god for all the pictures which we’ve taken and the videos that we have recorded as otherwise I’d find it hard to keep track of time.…

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Know Your Place, Find Your Purpose

I’m not sure how I have become so disorganised of late but I feel as if I no longer run to a schedule. It’s far more ‘go with the flow’ than ‘go go go’ and I’m not sure whether I prefer it as such. Either way, I’m learning to prioritise tasks, by which I mean that I am learning to live a little ‘last minute’ by focusing upon the here and now.

I guess working almost full time has changed my outlook upon life; I no longer see housework as such a huge issue, until the weekend that is when I seem to go cleaning crazy.…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Summer Evening

The weather seems to have made a massive turn around in the past week or so, the sun seems to be making a more regular appearance and oh my do I feel better for the lighter nights, vitamin d increase and the warmth.

I’m not a winter girl, I may enjoy Christmas but once that has been and gone I spend the next few months suffering from SAD. Winter seems to have stretched on forever this year and t’s as if Spring peeped its head around the door then bolted for cover.

I love the month of May, not only was it the month in which our beautiful boy J was born but it’s seems to be the UK’s official start to summer.…

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