Getting Back To Blogging

Since having to hold back on blogging last month I’ve been desperate to make a return. I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be wise to continue writing in such an open format but both blogging and vlogging seem to be the way of the World these days, and I for one believe it should be something which is encouraged not quashed.

I’ve seriously missed sitting at my Macbook reflecting upon the day gone by, reviewing products and sharing snaps of my little ones as they grow. Over the years my blog has blossomed into far more than I could have ever imagined – it has become my memory log, my sharing space and a part-time venture to promote products through honest reviews.…

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#LivingArrows – Smiles At The Ski Bar 24/53 (2018)

With the kids being that bit older and the summer evenings allowing us a few extra hours of sunshine, we decided to seize the opportunity and to take a trip to the Ski Bar for a couple of cold ones and some cookies for the kids.

I’d like to get the kids accustomed to getting out and about of an evening, whether it’s for a stroll along the shore, a kick about in the park or socialising in an adult setting. Our kids seem to behave pretty well when we take them out and with a little luck I’m hoping that we may be able to include them within our social lives a little more by taking them along for evenings out with our adult friends.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Dishwasher Dog

Basset hounds are quite frankly the weirdest breed of dog you will ever come across in terms of behaviour. There is something so strangely human about these dogs, Maisy and Molly certainly keep us on our toes whilst splitting our sides with laughter.

Here is a snap which I took earlier this week of our beautiful basset Maisy demanding the dishes prior to them being washed. We refer to both Molly and Maisy as ‘pre-wash’ for this very reason but never before have I seen a dog actually¬†sit on the dishwasher door.

Here’s hoping that Maisy grows out of this habit as whilst she may be a puppy, she ain’t all that small these days and if she continues to put her weight on the dishwasher door then I’m not so sure we will have a dishwasher left for her to lounge upon!…

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#LivingArrows – BBQ Babes 23/53 (2018)

We met up with our good friends Vicky, Mike, Viv and Derick for a BBQ over the weekend. It was once again fabulous weather and whilst the sun was shining we barbecued our burgers, sizzled our sausages and I apparently sizzled myself.

Given that the UK seems to be in the height of a heatwave, I really ought to start using a little more sun tan lotion on my shoulders as I’m beginning to resemble a lobster – my children on the other hand are covered in suncream!

Heres a couple of snaps which I shot whilst the kids were busy playing in Vic and Mike’s garden, I say playing but in J’s case I actually mean reading.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Blackpool Baby!

The hubby and I somehow managed to wangle ourselves a kid-free day out to Blackpool this week. We’ve both been desperate for new clothes and given that the cheapest and simplest option happened to be in Blackpool we hit the M6 and made our what felt much like Benidorm thanks to the blazing sunshine.

I felt a little bad that we didn’t take the kids, not that we hit the Pleasure Beach or the Sandcastle as we were far too busy parading around Primark to hit the prom. Just being by the beach with the scorching sunshine gave me that guilty feeling and whilst I’m certain that they much preferred spending time with their Grandparents, I couldn’t help but to feel like a bad Mother.…

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