#LittleLoves – Cars, Crafting & Christmas Clobber

This week has been literally none stop, my life at present feels manic and I don’t see it winding down well until after Christmas. If I’m not busy behind the bar then I’m either running around the house like a blue backsided fly wrapping presents, writing cards, sorting the laundry, tidying around after the kids and the husband and the dog for that matter or generally exhausting myself in some form of other.

I’m shattered and whilst it’s a rare Friday which we are ‘childless’ and fancy free I am lacking the energy or the get go to get my glad rags on for a night on the town.…

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Bath Time Bliss With Good Bubble Bath Products

We have a whole heap of fun in this household but one of the best times during the day has to be ‘bath time’ as the children not only have fun but seem far more at ease as they are able to relax in the warm water.

It is usually at bath time that J will finally tell us all about his day, I’m not sure whether he saves it until then to spill the beans or whether by 8pm he’s had enough time to process the day and is finally able to share it with us. Either way, I very much enjoy the children’s bath time as they seem far more compliant and content whilst in the tub.…

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All Things That Glitter & Sparkle With The Lalaloopsy Jewels Glitter Makeover Playset

Whilst I’m all for non-gender stereotypes, our daughter E just so happens to be the stereotypical ‘girly girl’ whom adores everything pink, fluffy, glittery or sparkly. Don’t get me wrong, E will quite happily muck in and play with the boys toys especially if it means having the run of her brothers bedroom, which my husband and I well know is a recipe for disaster.

Should you ever leave our little lady to her own devices which is never advisable it wouldn’t be long before you’d find her covered from head to toe in some form of makeup, glitter or something equally as awkward to remove from her skin such as marker pens for example but I digress…

We were recently sent the ‘Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset‘ to review, this couldn’t have come at a better time as we have been desperately trying to find ways in which E can express her creative streak without plastering her face in whatever pens, crayons, colours or permanent marker pens that she may have to hand.…

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A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

The kids have less than a week to go before they break up from School for the Christmas holidays, this week seems to have been jam-packed with yuletide activities for both of our little ones including rehearsals and three days worth of Christmas performances two of which I have had the pleasure of watching.

Sadly we were asked not to take photos during this years Christmas performances due to privacy and safeguarding issues. However, I managed to craftily capture a couple of shots featuring just my children prior to the performance as they made their into way to the hall. Whether I should be sharing these or not I’m not entirely sure but as they feature no other faces of bodies I see no reason why it should be a problem.…

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Nasty Habits that Can Damage your Teeth

If you look at exactly what a person’s teeth have to endure, it is remarkable, with hot liquids, cool drinks, and all kinds of food passing by on a daily basis, the teeth are really up against it. While there isn’t much we can do about that, there are certain things that really do play havoc with your teeth, and without further ado, here they are in no particular order.


Avoid Chewing Ice – We have all done it at times, and while it might seem a harmless enough activity, it does put unnecessary strain on the teeth. If, for example, a person bit down heavily on an ice cube, it could crack a tooth, and if that happens, you will need dental treatment.… View Post