#MySundayPhoto – A Summer Evening

The weather seems to have made a massive turn around in the past week or so, the sun seems to be making a more regular appearance and oh my do I feel better for the lighter nights, vitamin d increase and the warmth.

I’m not a winter girl, I may enjoy Christmas but once that has been and gone I spend the next few months suffering from SAD. Winter seems to have stretched on forever this year and t’s as if Spring peeped its head around the door then bolted for cover.

I love the month of May, not only was it the month in which our beautiful boy J was born but it’s seems to be the UK’s official start to summer.…

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#SaturdaySmiles – Blades, BBQ’s & Bouncy Tunes

I am such a bad blogger these days as I have barely written anything this week whatsoever. Not only have I been mega busy but I’ve also been really ill with a chest infection thus I spent the majority of my evenings dosed up and dozing off the ‘man flu’ which I seemed to be suffering from.

Despite being rather sick, I somehow managed to make it through the week at work and am finally beginning to feel a little better. Thankfully it’s the weekend and I can finally relax, although given the amount of things which I have planned to plough through I doubt there will be much rest for the wicked.…

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The Boy Is Nearly Nine

It’s been a while since I’ve been sick but this week brought a whole new meaning to the term man-flu. I quite literally felt like death warmed up and despite trying my hardest to crack on as normal I found it almost impossible to be anything near normal.

I’ve spent the majority of the week going to bed before nine, even the kids were up later than me but it was worth it just to get through the week! Thankfully the weekend has arrived and I can finally cut myself a little slack.

I’ve got lists of things that I don’t necessarily need to do but would ideally like to get done over the weekend.…

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#LivingArrows – Shocks & Smiles 19/53 (2018)

I may be burnt to bits and ever so slightly exhausted but we’ve had a blumming brilliant bank holiday weekend. I had planned on spending the time getting the house spic and span following time away but with the weather being on our side, we’ve spent the majority of our time outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

The kids have had fun playing in their paddling pool, Paul’s updated and refurbished some decking chairs and has also made a rather swanky new sign for the gate. Meanwhile┬áI’ve spent time organising my photos, videos, music and all kinds of other files and folders into some sort or order.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Our Beautiful Bassets First Day Of Freedom

Today marked our beautiful basset hound Maisy’s first official day of freedom, following having her final injections earlier this week. To celebrate we took Maisy out to the in-laws for a Sunday roast and a run around the garden. The weather was incredible, as is my sun burn this evening!

Maisy had oodles of fun running around the garden, soaking up the sunshine and foraging through the flowers. I tried to take as many pictures as possible but with it being her first time out and about she couldn’t seem to sit still. Most of my snaps turned out either blurry or to be missing half a dog, never the less I somehow managed to snap this shot using the cluster function on my phone.…

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