Embracing The Downpour With Home Comforts

After months of almost endless sunshine the heat wave is finally over. I’d never thought that I’d be the type to rejoice at the idea of wearing jumpers, socks and warm clothing but right now I’m revelling in being able to enjoy the extra layers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sun-loving lady but my skin isn’t as such, I’m therefore rather relieved to have a little break from the burn. I’ve spent much of the day slumming it in slippers and sloggy, snug clothing whilst cracking on with the chores as you do on a stormy Saturday. 

Theres something incredibly comforting about sitting warm and snug at the kitchen table, Ed Sheeran singly softly in the background, my Macbook by my side as the rain beats rhythmically against the window.…

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Chugging Through The Chores As School Is Out For The Summer

School is officially out for the summer, well to be precise we finished on Tuesday afternoon but it’s taken me until now to find the time and motivation to sit with my Macbook or to do anything other than doss on the decking or plod around the park with the kids.

I haven’t spent the entire week lazing on my lounger as earlier this week I managed to get a few things done around the house including gutting the garage, collecting together books, games and clothes for charity bags, sorting through two years worth of children’s art work, rearranging the house and contents insurance, booking a range of overdue appointments and listing a shed load of shoes on eBay.…

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#LivingArrows – A Bug In Time 30/53 (2018)

The kids have less than twenty-four hours remaining until summer break begins. I can barely believe that our little lady has finished her first year at school already, where on earth has the time gone?!

E has made such incredible progress since starting school back in September. Our little lady was once quite an anxious little ant whereas now she’s buzzing with confidence. Earlier last week E spent an afternoon taking part in a ‘Ugly Bug Ball’; we gave her the choice of dressing as a butterfly, a ladybug or a bee (which we already had the outfit for given that J wore exactly that when he was in reception class) and whilst I was almost certain that she’d go for a butterfly I was entirely wrong as she opted for being a bee!…

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#MySundayPhoto – Friends Around The Fire

We’ve had one heck of a rough week, it feels as if we’ve ridden a never-ending emotional rollercoaster and I for one am exhausted.

As you may have read in my previous post, we lost our beloved basset hound Molly earlier this week, it was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made but we did the right thing in the end.

I wasn’t entirely sure whether we’d make it out with our friends this weekend, we certainly didn’t feel in the mood for socialising earlier in the week but we pulled ourselves together and packed our bags for a night under the stars or should I say clouds? …

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Goodnight Princess

This is one of the hardest blog posts I have ever had to write, it’s certainly not one that I wish to ever write again but given that I allow pets into my life I’m fairly sure that I will encounter this heartbreak all over again in however many years.

My family, friends and those of you that follow me on Facebook are probably already aware that on Wednesday we lost a much-loved member of our family. Molly, our beautiful basset hound grew her angel wings and made her way to the ‘farm in the sky’ to peacefully play with her friends from the past.…

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