#Living Arrows – Crafts & Cartoons 4/53 (2018)

You may have noticed that this weeks edition of #LivingArrows has changed somewhat in that the amount of weeks stated has increased. I was recently notified that whilst there are fifty-two weeks in the year there is in fact fifty-three Mondays throughout 2018 and therefore I will be posting fifty-three #LivingArrows posts, not fifty-two as I had first thought. Apologies for any confusion that I may have caused…

As you may have read in my past post, our little lady E has been rather unwell and as a result we’ve spent the majority of our time indoors tending to her every need as she has convalesced in our care that and ordering us around like servants for the best part of the weekend. …

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Sick Sprogs & Temperature Terror

The past twenty-four hours have been hellish, poor E has had us both fraught with worry as she developed an incredible fever throughout the night. Despite dosing E with Calpol (children’s paracetamol), stripping her down and placing a cold cloth upon her forehead her temperature continued to rise up and down spiking at 39.6 degrees celsius earlier this morning.

Poor E was shivering and rambling like a drunked as Paul and I desperately tried to cool her down. I had my phone at the ready on my bedside table and half expected to be dialling 999 and driving fifty minutes down the road to hospital but thankfully E eventually responded to our efforts and began cooling down whilst catching up on some much-needed sleep.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Blue Skies, Bluebells & Butterflies

I would have written this post earlier only my little lady took a sudden turn for the worst by throwing her stomach contents down the porcelain telephone, moments later we registered her temperature as scorchio and as a result our bed is now being occupied by our beloved daughter as she convalesces.

Here’s hoping that come morning the temperature has waned and that our little lady has turned a corner. I’m not planning on sending E to School as I don’t wish for her class friends to catch whatever bugs she may be harbouring but neither do I really want to have to wait around in the doctor’s surgery first thing tomorrow morning.…

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#LittleLoves – A Mother’s Pride, Music Unlimited & Mini Skirts

Slap my hand for I am a bad Mother blogger, I realise that I have barely blogged this week but in all honesty I’ve had far too much to do and very little to say. Life has been hectic much like my head which seems to be swimming with information most of which isn’t of interest nor worth writing about.

I may have been running around like a headless chicken for the past week or so but I’ve certainly enjoyed doing so. Given that Friday has once again landed upon us I am now sat at my Mac with a Martini in my mits ready to share my #LittleLoves from the past seven days.…

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Back To Vlogging

Prior to having our son J, my parents very kindly bought us a JVC HD Everio video camera on which we spent hours recording footage of our little man as he grew before our eyes.

Back then almost nine years ago the JVC video camera was top of the range, it was fairly bulky and required many cables to either charge, connect to a computer or send images to a television screen. I kept the camera along with its cables and many cards within a rather large bag which I carried almost everywhere with me.

It’s hard to believe how technology has advanced since back then as these days I capture almost all of our video footage using my trusty IPhone which is compact, light and can do far more than shoot video.…

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