Happy Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today Paul and I tied the knot and became ‘Mr and Mrs’. It doesn’t feel as if eleven years have passed since that incredible day, yet so much has happened and changed since then it’s barely believable.

We’ve had some serious ups and downs over the years, it’s not been the easiest eleven years for either of us but it’s certainly been an adventure. Eleven years later we now have two amazing children, a wonderful house, a beautiful basset and a whole lot of happy memories to treasure.

I can imagine that having me as a wife isn’t the easiest of jobs, I am no angel and I am well aware that I’m incredibly high maintenance and at times can drive people to despair.…

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Things I have Liked and Loved in July 2018

July has been one of the hottest months in the UK that I think I have ever experienced, as expected though the weather seemed to wane the moment that the summer holidays actually arrived.

July has also been an incredibly busy month for my family and I. I feel as if we’ve barely had the time to stop for a second. Thankfully the summer holidays have now arrived and we can finally catch up on the mound of jobs which have been left waiting for far too long.

To celebrate the summer and to highlight the ‘positive points’ from the past month I have once again listed all the things which I have #LikedandLoved over this past month.…

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Nutty About Num Noms With The Series 5 Starter Pack

Our little lady has been nutty about Num Noms for some time now, she has built quite the collection over the years and still continues to enjoy playing with these cute, food based figures during her free time.

We were very kindly sent the latest Num Noms Series Five Starter Pack to review and to share with our readers. E was once again delighted to be gifted with yet more Num Noms and was desperate to delve into her grocery based goodies.

Num Noms

Num Noms first became popular in 2016 when their scented, collectible, food based figures first hit the UK market.…

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#LivingArrows – Park Life 31/53 (2018)

With the summer holidays well underway we’re no longer ruled by routine, we are now are now free and easy to do as we like for the next few weeks. I’d love to say that we are spending each and every moment out and about but that isn’t entirely the case as our children have rather hermit like habits.

Whilst I’m a big ‘home’ lover, I’ve never known children quite as keen on staying indoors as my own. My kids aren’t lazy, they simply aren’t motivated when it comes to getting out and about, they’d much rather sit and play indoors, which is understandable when it’s pouring with rain but once the suns out I refuse to stay cooped up in the house.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Grey Skies & Goodbyes

I cannot express how refreshing it feels to have had almost two days of rain, I can almost hear the plants taking a deep sigh of relief much like my skin, which has seen more than enough sunshine for this year.

We are yet to see a storm but the heavy, grey sky and the faint smell of chalky, sea water leads me to believe that thunder and lightning may well be on the way.

As a child I would sit in our over-sized window sill looking out at the bay, listening to the rumbles of thunder whilst counting the seconds until the lightning flashed to calculate the distance from the storm.…

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