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Talk about treacherous, the weather last night went from bad to worse. I was half expecting to wake to a garden without a greenhouse. Thankfully the trampoline held on tight and whilst the deck chairs had flown across the lawn, the damage was minimal. Paul very kindly put things back into their rightful place then we proceeded with our day.

I began by taking E along to her friends birthday party, I was therefore required to sit and make polite parental conversation for two hours whilst covertly sniping snacks to keep my hunger at bay.

Whilst some parents are happy to leave their little ones, I’m still a little on the apprehensive side when it comes to E.…

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My Top Five Festive Tunes – Hits For The Holidays

Whilst Christmas is just around the corner (crikey it’s less than ten days away now!) I’m feeling far from festive at present. I’m chocka-block with cold and am totally and utterly run down. I’ve spent the past three weeks suffering with an endless bout of bugs and quite frankly I’m fed up with myself.

To lift my spirits and to get me back onto the festive bandwagon, I’ve asked Alexa to play me a range of ‘holiday hits’. If there’s one way (or anyway at all for that matter) to pull me through, it’s almost always through the media of Music.…

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Stormy Shopping

After a rather kind offer from my Father-in-law to have our crazy kids for the day, Paul and I took ourselves for a fifty minute drive into town to finish off our Christmas shopping. I wasn’t exactly enthralled about the idea of trawling around town, don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but I will openly admit that unless it’s online, I completely and utterly detest shopping.

Having looked at a range of weather apps last night, I was well-aware that bad weather was to be expected. I knew that there was ‘snow-way’ that we’d see the white stuff, being on the coast we very rarely get snow.…

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#LivingArrows – Santa Seeking 50/53 (2018)

Following an extremely busy day, the kids and I ventured out on what became a ‘Santa hunt’. Whilst Santa would usually make a visit to our house, this year we were a little preoccupied with dance rehearsals, hair appointments, shopping sprees and all kinds of crazy capers. After finally finishing for the day, we then hopped into the Mini and had our very own adventure hunting for Santa. There was absoloutly no way on this Earth that I letting my little ones miss out on a visit from the big man.

After following Santa’s usual route we eventually came across his sleigh, it was pretty hard to miss given that it gave Blackpool illuminations a run for it’s money, that and the Christmas music (which was blaring incredibly loudly from his sleigh) was a bit of a give away.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Maisy’s First Christmas

We haven’t been out much given that the weather has been so vile of late, that and I’ve spent the past fortnight suffering with sinusitis so severe that I felt much-like I’d taken a hit from a frying pan to the face. I have therefore opted to share a rather sweet shot taken earlier this week, a photo of our beautiful basset hound Maisy sat by the Christmas tree, her first Christmas tree to be precise.

This you see will be Maisy’s first Christmas, she’s only ten months old and whilst we are quite accustomed to decorating the house with baubles, tinsels and all kinds of glittery and glamorous Christmas delights, our dog isn’t entirely sure what it’s all about.…

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