Financial Pitfalls That Are Holding You Back

Nobody is perfect in this life, especially when it comes to finance. Nonetheless, while there are a number of mistakes that will cause very little damage, others will lead to major problems. Avoiding the big pitfalls is essential if you wish to truly unlock the door to a brighter financial future.

 So, what are the mistakes that you’ve been making and how can you rectify them? Let’s take a look.

Accepting The Services You Have

 Nobody should feel guilty about spending money on the essential items that make daily life feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, millions are guilty of accepting the rates that they are getting, and it could be costing you hundreds of pounds each year.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Another Fine Fest

Following a rather sudden change to our plans for this weekend, my husband and I found ourselves footloose and fancy-free to do as we pleased. Never the type to waste a weekend, we took the kids along to the annual gala where they feasted upon hotdogs and ice cream, bounced themselves silly on the inflatables, smashed a few plates for kicks and spent their pennies on books and toys before heading back home to get ready for a night with their Nana and Grandad.

After dropping the kids with my folks, Paul and I got our glad rags on, went out for a spot of tea at the pub then made our way to Ulverston to celebrate ‘Another Fine Fest’.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Deep Purple 24/52 (2019)

Welcome to this weeks edition of the #MySundaySnapshot blog series, a weekly blog-linky which you are very welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.

It hasn’t been the easiest week that I’ve ever had – whilst I do not wish to go into the finer details upon this matter, I would like to thank my family and friends who were nothing but supportive and understanding during a difficult time.

Whilst I may have spent the beginning of the week feeling pretty blue, by the end of the week I felt far more ‘purple’ shall we say.…

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The Siblings Project – June 2019

With tomorrow being Fathers Day here in the UK – I thought that I would share a picture taken earlier this week of my wonderful husband and our two beautiful children, whilst out with our beloved basset for a walk along the shore.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Grandads, Great-Grandads, Soon To Be Dads, Step-Dads and to all those blokes who offer their love, support and influence to the next generation. May you have a fantastic Fathers Day whatever you chose to do.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to my awesome husband, he is an incredible Dad and our two kids worship the ground that he walks upon, the dog quite likes him too!…

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#LivingArrows- Back To Team Base 23/52 (2019)

Having spent three days needlessly worrying about my little man last week, I’m far happier now that he is back at base, here at home.

We function best as a team – when one or more of us is absent things just aren’t the same. Whilst I’m all for having the odd kid-free evening to spend some time as a couple, I’m far more at ease when the kids are sleeping soundly in their own beds.

Happy To Be Home – Hugs With The Hound

Lord knows how I’ll fare in however many years time when the kids grow up and decide its time to fly the nest, I don’t even wish to contemplate that concept at present.…

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