It’s A Wrap!

We have finally reached the end of term, after eight solid weeks of slogging hard both the kids and I are shattered. It’s a relief to have a break from the homework, the lunch boxes, the shoe cleaning, the bag packing and the early mornings.

It’s been a busy, busy week! The kids have completed all three of their star-studded Christmas shows. I cannot express how proud of them I am. Both J & E gave it their all, they were all singing, all dancing and simply stunning on stage. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of it all and to see it develop from a script into the most amazing show.…

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#LivingArrows – Sofa Snuggles & Diva Dancers 51/53 (2018)

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, we have barely stopped to catch our breath. Both the kids and us adults are completely and utterly exhausted, we are most definitely on count down to the end of term, though even then it’s going to be busy as there’s still so much to get done before the big day.

J and I took a little time out earlier this week, we snuggled on the sofa and enjoyed a Christmas movie together. It’s been a while since I’ve taken time out on a one-to-one basis with J, we simply haven’t had the opportunity until now.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Winter Walks At Sunrise

It’s not often that I see sunrise, if ever at all to be honest. I’m certainly no early bird, I for one would never catch any worm, not that I’d ever want to either for that matter. My husband on the other hand seems to enjoy waking early, he is from farming stock and can handle the early mornings, he therefore takes the dog on her morning stroll before I’ve even contemplated dividing myself from the duvet.

Heres a snapshot he captured the other week whilst out on his usual ponder with the pooch. This picture simply doesn’t do justice to the colours which were in the sky that morning, I saw for myself albeit from the warmth of my windowsill.…

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Party Central

Talk about treacherous, the weather last night went from bad to worse. I was half expecting to wake to a garden without a greenhouse. Thankfully the trampoline held on tight and whilst the deck chairs had flown across the lawn, the damage was minimal. Paul very kindly put things back into their rightful place then we proceeded with our day.

I began by taking E along to her friends birthday party, I was therefore required to sit and make polite parental conversation for two hours whilst covertly sniping snacks to keep my hunger at bay.

Whilst some parents are happy to leave their little ones, I’m still a little on the apprehensive side when it comes to E.…

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My Top Five Festive Tunes – Hits For The Holidays

Whilst Christmas is just around the corner (crikey it’s less than ten days away now!) I’m feeling far from festive at present. I’m chocka-block with cold and am totally and utterly run down. I’ve spent the past three weeks suffering with an endless bout of bugs and quite frankly I’m fed up with myself.

To lift my spirits and to get me back onto the festive bandwagon, I’ve asked Alexa to play me a range of ‘holiday hits’. If there’s one way (or anyway at all for that matter) to pull me through, it’s almost always through the media of Music.…

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