Looking Back At My Bucket List For 2018

At the beginning of the year I put together a bucket list of forty things which I hoped to achieve or to make a start upon throughout the year. I have since looked back and reflected upon this list (see below) and hope to create and to continue a further list for 2019.

To lose a further stone in weight through a healthy diet and exercise – I didn’t lose a stone exactly but I continued to chip away at the ounces, though by Christmas I had piled the pounds back on. I guess this is something to continue working upon throughout 2019.… View Post

Christmas Has Come & Gone

So after all the hustle and bustle, Christmas has come and gone. We had an amazing day and the kids were overjoyed as they were both spoilt rotten by family, friends and of course Santa Claus. I couldn’t believe the amount of parcels which were piled high in our living room, I have however found home for each and every gift which was a satisfying surprise.

Most of the bulk came from the endless amounts of packaging, which considering that our planet is currently drowning in a sea of plastic was pretty worrying. You’d think that being in an age in which is we are environmentally aware, we’d be doing away with plastic by now but almost everything was wrapped and secured in plastic, all of which I felt mightily guilty throwing away.…

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#LivingArrows – Our Little Christmas Superstars 52/53 (2018)

Gosh, time sure flies by these days. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing the first post of the year for the #LivingArrows series, and here we are at week fifty-two already!

The kids have had a fun-filled, festive week. They have spent the past week counting down to Christmas whilst taking part in three amazing school shows. Both J & E knocked our socks off as they shone like stars (or starfish in J’s case) on stage. The kids were brimming with confidence, they were quite literally all-singing, all-dancing superstars.

It was an honour to be part of their production and to watch their work develop from a script into a show. …

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Catching Up On Christmas Eve

With less than twenty-four hours until Santa makes his deliveries, we’ve been, busy, busy. I’ve spent time cooking, cleaning and prepping for a family buffet whilst the kids have enjoyed endless amounts of festive television. I made my annual twenty-four mince pies and Delia Smith’s Squidgy Chocolate Log, both of which turned out to be pretty impressive this year!

As is tradition, we then sat as a family to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, we’ve watched it that many times that both Paul and I were able to repeat the film word for word. It was then time to pop open the vino and to catch up with my in-laws whilst stuffing ourselves with buffet bits.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Cloud Cover

Whilst on the drive back from our mad dash out to town, Paul and I couldn’t help but to notice the beautiful cloud formations which seemed to be blanketing the combe. It looked as if winter had rolled in and the hillsides were snuggling under a duvet of thick, fluffy cloud cover for warmth.

Do you ever take the time to look at the clouds and to make shapes or patterns from them? I could spend hours looking up into the sky making out all kinds of shapes, animals, patterns all kinds of fluffy wonders.

It sure is chilly out and I’m sure that it wont be too long before the clouds are replaced by snow.…

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