Things that I have Liked and Loved in May (2019)

To say that May has been manic is an understatement! We haven’t stopped and I’m quite literally ready to drop. Saying that we’ve had some awesome events and some fantastic family time – here are a few of the many things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the past month.

New Phone Day

My husband and I were both using rather outdated mobile phones, both of which we fancied upgrading and given that we were offered a super double-deal we couldn’t resist. We are now the proud owners of two top-of-the-range handsets – an IPhone XS Max and a Samsung Note 9.…

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Half Term Happenings

We are currently half way through the half term holidays and already I feel a million times better for a couple of days downtime – a little bit of rest and recuperation can make such a difference!

We’ve been working our way through a few jobs and such-like which have needed doing, Paul took our much-loved Mini went for a trip out yesterday to have her steering column replaced prior to the warranty expiring. Whilst the garage carries out this work, we have been given a brand new, 2019 Mini 5-door Hatch (the same as our own, only newer) to drive around.…

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Transforming Your Garden When You’re On A Budget

We’ve been lucky to have some great weather weekends lately, something that’s made everyone want to get out in their gardens and enjoy the sun. Garden design is a big home trend this year, and if you’re feeling inspired by Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll want to get started on turning your own garden into a little piece of paradise.

But when you start looking up landscaping costs, you might feel a bit disheartened – they’re not the prices you want to see when money’s tight. Is it possible to transform your garden when you’re on a budget? Here are some ideas to show you how it’s done.…

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Unwrapping & Revealing LOL Surprise Series 5 HairGoals, Fuzzy Pets & Lils

Being on trend my five-year-old daughter is a huge fan of the World popular ‘LOL Surprise’ figures and toy sets. Over the years we have collected a number of these plastic, fantastic figures most of which have arrived in multiple layers of packaging of some sort, much like the bundle which arrived earlier last week for us to review.

We were sent a number of recently released series 5 LOL Surprise goodies to unwrap and to review including ‘LOL Surprise HairGoals’, ‘LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets’ and ‘LOL Surprise Lils’, all of which went down like a storm with my little LOL doll diva.…

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#LivingArrows – Passing Time & Pyjama Parades 21/52 (2019)

For the first time in ages, I’ve spent the entire day in the house. There was no reason for me to leave at any point during the day and it felt great to remain confined in the comfort of my four wall fortress. The kids have been out and about with their Dad playing in the cul-de-sac on their bikes, balance boards and go-karts whilst I busied myself with housework.

I feel so much better for having spent time cleaning, tidying and organising the house. We’ve vacuumed, vaxed, mopped, polished and sorted through each and every room whilst the kids kept themselves entertained with reading, drawing, colouring and building Lego.…

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