#LivingArrows – Together At The Table 40/53 (2018)

Whilst I may detest the decor in our current kitchen, it seems to be the one place where we gather and spend time together as a family. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and I believe this to be true. Not only do we sit around the table as a family for meal times but we also sit together whilst doing homework, painting, playing with play-dough, drawing, playing board games, baking and all kinds of activities.

Peaceful Play-Dough Play

It’s whilst sat around the table that we share snacks, drinks and the stories from our day; it’s our ‘go to place’ after a busy day.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Blackpool Bound

Those of you that follow my instagram you may be aware that my husband and I spent this weekend away in Blackpool. It’s not often that we go away, certainly not without the children and although it was only for one night, I suffered with immense Mummy guilt both for the children and our precious pooch who was apparently having the time of her life in kennels with a poodle! 

Despite worrying about our little ones, I did my very best to let my hair down and to celebrate our good friends (who came along with us) birthday in style. This morning however, I felt that we ought to take some time out together for a walk along the prom and to do what we do best – shop till we drop.…

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Things I have liked and loved in September (2018)

September has been none-stop, there has barely been a second for us to suspend service and to sit down. My body is desperate for a much-needed rest but up until now I simply haven’t had the chance to allow myself the luxury of lazing about. I’m well aware that I’m far from the only female rushing around like a headless chicken at this time of the year, so without further whining or waffle, here are a few of the things which I have ‘liked and loved’ throughout the past month.

Back To School

The kids and I started back at school following what was a super summer holiday.…

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Hopes For High School

September has certainly been the month for school, school and yet more school. The kids have made a fantastic start in their new classes with their new teachers, they both seem incredibly settled and happy which makes life far easier for me. Our evenings however have been far from laid back as I’ve spent the majority of the past four weeks ferrying E & J to and from various clubs and social gatherings, we have also spent time at a couple of open evenings to consider J’s future secondary school.

Living in a rural area leaves us with fewer options when it comes to choices for secondary schools.…

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Playing ‘PJ Masks Team Of Heroes’

My family and I regularly gather around the table to spend time playing board games together. We may well be surrounded by technology which can provide endless hours of gaming based entertainment but I’d much prefer to raise my children to play real games – by which I am referring to those games which are shared with real life people in a real situation. I think that games which offer a challenge without needing ‘charging’ are far more beneficial to our children and so whenever we have the time and opportunity, I make a point of getting out a game to play.…

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