My Bucket List for 2019

Happy New Year! Rather than sitting and writing a list of resolutions for the year ahead, I decided to do things my own way by switching resolutions for a wish list or sorts. With the new year comes a whole new bucket list filled with wishes, goals and hopes for the year ahead. So without further waffle or wittering, here is my bucket list for 2019:

Replace the bay windows in the living room. Replace the windows in J’s room. Complete the front of the house by replacing the windows in the office. To find and book a summer holiday for the family.… View Post

#LivingArrows – Headbanz & Happy Little Readers 53/53 (2018)

It has most definitely been a cracking Christmas, the children were spoilt rotten and whilst we didn’t take a huge amount of photographs (as were a little occupied throughout the past week) here are a couple which I’d like to share with you for the final week of #LivingArrows in 2018.

I can barely believe that already we are at week 53/53! Where on earth has the time gone? It’s certainly been an incredible year, a life changing time and a year which I will never forget.

Our Little Turkey Drummer

You cannot beat a good game or two over Christmas.…

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Things I have liked and loved in December (2018)

So here we are, the final day of December and of the year 2018 has arrived. As always, I have taken the time to put together a list of ten of the things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the month, so without further ado here goes.


Counting Down To Christmas

The children were massively excited about Christmas this year, they couldn’t wait to get their advent calendars out and to make a start upon counting down to the big day. They were rather spoilt with advent calendars and ended up with four calendars each which was a little excessive but the kids were happy at least.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Bouncing Off Clouds

As you may or may not be aware, Darren (from Photalife) that currently runs the #MySundayPhoto linky has decided to call it a day. Although his linky will no longer be based upon his blog, he has decided to continue his photography and the linky via his Instagram page. I will therefore continue to post each week and will duplicate my pictures on both my Instagram and my blog to continue my current trend of weekly #MySundayPhoto posts.

Getting back to the post, and to the pictures! I was rather spoilt this Christmas as my husband took careful notice to follow my Amazon wish list.…

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Reflecting Upon 2018

I cannot express how much of a life-changing year 2018 has been for us all. Having sat and taken a peak through my diary last night I couldn’t believe how much we have done and how much has changed. So without further ado, here is a quick list of some of the many things which we have done throughout the past year.

Updating The Living Room

We began the year by updating the living room furniture. Paul and I spent days out and about around the country collecting Dakota TV cabinets, tallboys, coffee tables and all kinds of beautiful bits and pieces to kit out the living room.…

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