Mothers Day Musings & Thoughts

This time next week is Mothers Day. I am really pleased with myself, as for once I have been organised and ordered gifts in advance. I have had gift plaques made by Honey & Harry (see the example picture below) for our parents. I love them so much that I dropped the not so subtle hint to my hubby that I’d quite like one myself, along with a Selfish Mum ‘Mother’ jumper, Yankee candle votives and a MacBook Pro 15 inch latest model laptop… Yeh dream on Rachel, dream on! I don’t want much, no no, just the moon on… View Post

It’s As Easy As Riding A Bike…

Whilst J may be six years old, there are certain things which many other six-year olds seem to be able to do which he, well … he just doesn’t want to even attempt. First it was swimming, it felt as if every other child was swimming lengths of the pool while J screamed at us as we continuously asked him to kick his legs and desperately tried to keep him afloat. Despite our best efforts to encourage J to put some effort into swimming, including queuing for three hours to get him signed into the local swimming lessons and literally… View Post

Warning ! Hangover In Progress

It’s almost school run time, so I best be quick. We have somehow managed to make it through today with a hangover on board, to distract myself from the spongy brain we filled our day with lots of play and a load of housework, more ticks off the list and all that. I’m off to work for another bar shift tonight, whether I’ll cope around alcohol considering the skinful I had last night, I’m not entirely sure. Paracetamol and Coca Cola and NO, I didn’t get the blinking seven minute workout done today either. I have however hoovered the house top… View Post

Decorating Like A Diva

My bad, I didn’t have time to fit in the seven minute workout as planned. Instead, I did the one hour decorating dance which certainly got me working up a sweat, if not from the strenuous work, then from the fear of falling from the step ladders. I hate heights and yet there I was standing on bars not quite in the Coyote Ugly style, more like in an ugly, sweaty style and precariously balancing on wobbly step ladders. I am quietly pleased with my accomplishments this afternoon, including driving the mountain of a birthday cake unaided to the venue.… View Post

Being Organised & Making Life Lists

Being Organised & Making Life Lists I am a list maker, I love the satisfaction of being able to tick off completed tasks. It’s like a mental pat on the back, because trust me,  it’s not as if anyone one else would ever give me a high-five for some of the crap that I write on my many lists. Christ, I’m almost certain Paul believes in fairies, the housework fairies that is. He must think the fairies visit our house and get all the little things done, either that or he just doesn’t notice the lack of dust and grime … View Post