#MySundaySnapshot – Fingers Crossed 06/52 (2020)

Apologies for this week’s rather late(and backdated)  #MySundaySnapshot post, there is a very good reason for my lack of blog posts recently but it’s not my story nor place to share.

 #MySundaySnapshot is a weekly blog linkup designed purely to share snapshots, you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.  

Whilst I could write an essay pouring my heart out upon recent events that have taken place, as I said above -it’s not my place nor story to share at present. 

Apologies for my silence but I hope that you can understand that until ‘things’ are sorted and settle down a little, I may not be blogging quite as much (or as on time) for the short term.…

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#LivingArrows – Trims & Timing 05/52 (2020)

Last week seemed to be the week of after-school appointments for both J & E with the hairdressers, dentist, after-school clubs, music lessons and so on. We were also meant to be going to swimming lessons on Sunday but then I fell poorly so that didn’t pan out as planned. There’s only so much I can do especially at present…

Unlike the lads who have their hair cut every four-five weeks, it’s been eight months since E or I have had our hair cut. Though I’m yet to have the chop, E had her hair cut last week and whilst she only had a few inches snipped, it seems so much easier to manage!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Wasted Weekend

Apologies for the backdated post – I was intending to write this post yesterday (as dated) but I spent the entirety of my weekend bed-bound with what I first assumed to be a nasty cold but soon realised was fully-fledged flu. 

Talk about feeling like a wet rag, I literally flopped on my bed and other than reaching for a drink, the thermometer, painkillers or a bucket I was no use to anyone.

After almost two days under a duvet, I finally got up, had a wash and got myself dressed. Though, by the time that I’d slapped on some foundation and had wobbled my way daintily down the stairs, I felt as if I’d run a marathon!…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Raindrops 05/52 (2020)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the #MySundaySnapshot blog series, a blog-linky simply to share snapshots that you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.  

How I’d love to share a beautiful snapshot taken whilst out and about throughout the week. Unfortunately, my husband fell ill with flu-like symptoms earlier in the week and I have since followed suit. 

With a soring temperature of 39 degrees Celcius, I’ve spent my Saturday shivering, sweating, sneezing and sleeping. I have therefore opted to share a ‘rainy day’ picture which I took a week or two ago – I find watching raindrops rather fascinating as much like a lava lamp, the water droplets are each shaped and move differently.…

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#LitteLoves – January 2020

I was meant to write this post much earlier today but I’ve not been all that well and am currently sat up in bed with a raging temperature, paracetamol, a large drink and a box of tissues at my side. I will therefore be keeping this post brief as my bed calls.

Without further ado (or any further sneezing over my Macbook) here are some of my #LittleLoves from January 2020.


I’d love to tell you that I’ve been reading piles of books this month but in all honesty, I’ve been too busy keeping up to date with the news.…

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