#LivingArrows – Making Memories With My Minis 46/53 (2018)

As you will no doubt have read on my blog or seen on my Instagram (should you happen to read or follow me) then you’ll be well aware that we collected our new car from the dealership over the weekend. Whilst a Mini may just be a car to most people, it means the world to me.

I have such fond memories of bouncing around in the back of my Nanas Mini whilst on my way to and from the caravan site on the coast road. We’d spend time taking walks to the beach via the many farms which were littered with piglets, horses and all kinds of wonderful animals.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Berry Beautiful

With it being remembrance day, I was originally planning on taking photographs of poppies or something more related to the occasion. However, I decided instead to share a picture which I took a few days back…

It was a beautiful autumn day, the sky was a perfect blue, the sun shone bright. Across the yard stood a tree baron of leaves, yet upon its bare branches hung these beautiful, bright red berries. The deep red of the berries against the dark stalks reminded me of the poppies which we wear to symbolise and to remember the fallen soldiers.

I stood in silence, birds chirping in the distance as I considered the colours, the symbolism and the significance of the poppy.…

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Mini Driver!

This weekend my husband and I travelled ‘up north’ to collect our rather marvellous Mini. I could barely sleep for the excitement and despite having next to no rest, I woke bright as a button ready and raring to go! To celebrate our purchase, I’d spent time baking mince pies the evening before we were due to leave; it may not be Christmas just quite yet – but I feel as if all my christmas’s have come at once so mince pies were a must. I have always dreamt of having a Mini but never really believed that it would ever happen.…

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Farewell Fi Fi La Brum

Thirteen years ago my Mum and I drove down to the Sheffield to collect what was to be my second car, a brand new Ford Fiesta. After making our way to the DC Cook showroom, we then waited while the registration plate was drilled into place and the documents were transferred into my name. I was then able to drive away in what was a brand new car.

Having spent five years driving a Fiat Punto, I felt rather spoilt to be sat in a brand, spanking new motor. I therefore took extra care of this car, thus she was in fabulous nick when we handed her over (or part-exchanged) to Arnold Clark this weekend.…

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Are You Ready2Robot?

Being a family of techno-freaks, we are rather taken by the idea of robots. I’m sure it won’t be long before AI is an everyday normality and not just a novelty. For now though we will make do with toys, our kids rave about robots and were therefore overjoyed to receive a range of ‘Ready2Robot‘ products to play with.

Included within our Ready2Robot goody pack was a ‘Ready2Robot Survivor Battle Pack’, a ‘Ready2Robot Bot Blasters Set’ and a ‘Ready2Robot Build Swap & Battle Single Series Figure’, all which are part of the series 1 collection.


Ready2Robot features a range of Mech Bots, Pilots and weapons which children can mix and match to create their very own ‘custom robots’.…

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